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will 3G network be available across the country?
airtel is planning to launch 3G services across India to give you a seamless 3G experience.

how will I get 3G access if I am outside home network?
You can access 3G services while roaming outside home network if you are in 3G covered area.

am I required to replace my existing 2G SIM Card?
3G will work on your existing 2G SIM Card. You will not be required to change your SIM Card.

how will I know whether I've got a 3G connection versus a 2G one?
When your mobile connection is activated for 3G services, you will receive a confirmation from airtel and you will be able to latch on to 3G network and will see 3G/3.5G on your phone instead of Edge or 2G. In addition to this you can also call 121 to know about the activation of 3G services on your mobile handset.

can I add my laptop to my existing cell phone account, with the 3G service covering both? Or do I need to pay separately for each? If separately, can I get 3G just for my laptop, or can I use my cell phone as a 3G model for my laptop?
Laptops without 3G capability will not be able to latch on to a 3G network. For using your laptop to browse the Internet, you will need to use it as mentioned below:
Use 3G phone as a modem and connect it with your Laptop/Desktop to browse Internet at High Speeds.
Alternatively, if you want to use your laptop or desktop, you could use airtel USB Data Cards to browse internet at High Speed.
In cases of Netbooks which have a SIM card slot, the 3G activated SIM could be inserted and these netbooks can then be used to browse internet

what are the limits on data transfer each month? How do I know if I've exceeded these limits? Does unlimited plan from airtel really let me transfer unlimited amounts of data?
This will be basis the 3G Data plan that you will activate. airtel will adequately keep you informed of your usage.

will I need to get special software - from airtel or someone else - to use 3G service on my PC? If so, what does it do? Is there an additional cost? And does it work with my operating system?
In case you are using a 3G activated phone as a modem, then the device PC software will suffice the need.
In case you are using an airtel USB Data Card, then there will have a plug and play option with the data card that will automatically download the required software on your computer to initiate browsing. There will be no additional cost to download these softwares.