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what is a 3G USB modem ?
A 3G USB modem(or data card) is device that allows you to wirelessly connect to internet using a GSM/CDMA network and provides you the ability to browse the Internet on extremely high speeds.

what are the types of airtel 3G USB modems available?
With the launch of 3G, airtel has currently launched 2 types of airtel 3G USB modems in the market. These are a) 3.6 Mbps & b) 7.2 Mbps For further information on them & specifications pls refer to the section types of airtel 3G USB modems:-
The key features of airtel branded airtel 3G USB modems (aside to specifications mentioned above) would be the following:
These support speeds upto 7.2 Mbps .
Micro SD slot with expandable memory of upt 32 GB
airtel branded logo on the packaging & on the airtel 3G USB modem
airtel network locked
airtel defined QoS certified
airtel/Huawei customer service support post sales for all airtel 3G USB modems sold

which are the cities where airtel has launched its 3G services?
Click here to check the list of cities where 3G has been launched.

where can I purchase an airtel 3G USB modem from?
One could purchase an airtel 3G USB modem from any of the following 2 categories of outlets
a) Nearest airtel ARC/AEO available in your area – who is associated/entitled with an airtel distributor
b) Any other entitled IT/or retail outlet
*Post purchase of the airtel 3G USB modem, the customer can choose from any of the available data tariff plan of his choice, to activate & start surfing/browsing on internet

do I need to be an existing airtel customer to purchase the airtel 3G USB modem
No, you do not necessarily have to be an existing airtel customer. However airtel 3G USB modems are network locked to airtel service & one needs to have an airtel SIM (Data plan) to use airtel 3G USB modems for accessing Internet

how do I install the airtel 3G USB modem & start accessing the internet?
All airtel 3G USB modems are plug-n-play in nature & auto install the first time they are plugged into a laptop or PC. Pls refer to specification sheet of modems to check the Operating System that support these.

what are the tariffs available on the data cards?
Pls refer tariff pack chart for data packs

what is the after sales service available for airtel 3G USB modems
Each customer for query, complain or support can contact toll free number 18001030405