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the advantage of HSPA

There are 2 types of 3G phones available today, some give true 3G experience while others can support only low speed 3G access.

what is WCDMA and HSPA?
HSPA (high speed packet access) is a new generation communication protocol that allows data connections up to 21 Mbps per user in good coverage and quality conditions. Today mobile phones, datacards & USB dongles are available with HSPA.

WCDMA (wideband code division multiple access) is a 3G technology version that allows data connections up to 384 kbps per user (64kbps, 128kbps, 384 kbps) in good coverage and quality conditions.

what are the benefits of HSPA over WCDMA?
HSPA allows you to get the best experience of 3G. Given the same bandwidth for WCDMA and HSPA, HSPA allows higher bit rates compared to WCDMA to be delivered to the end users.

major advantages include:

 Faster downloads and sophisticated applications support
 Faster response time between network and device, improving the download times and network performance
 Improved network performance also leads to significant savings in the battery life of the device
 Far better experience due to quality reception resulting from the higher bit rates

how can I get HSPA speeds?
If you are upgrading your mobile phone or buying a new datacard, we recommend checking with the manufacturer to ensure its an HSPA enabled handset or a USB dongle or a PCMCIA slot based datacard, which will allow access to higher speeds.

where can I buy an HSPA handset, USB dongle or datacard?
Mobile handsets with HSPA support can be purchased from the handset manufacturers' outlets. 3G enabled USB dongle and data card can be purchased from select airtel relationship centers (ARC).