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mobile TV

what is airtel mobile TV?
With mobile TV, you can watch all your favourite shows no matter where you are, all you require is a supported phone to get hooked on to the television. mobile TV offers top-watched channels .There is also a section called Video On Demand (VOD), which enables you to access on demand movies, video clips, etc.

how to get airtel mobile TV?
Send an SMS "3G" to 54321.You will receive a SMS message, just click the link, which is in the SMS message which re-directs you to airtel 3G Zone Page. Clicking upon mobile TV banner in that page will download the application through the GPRS connection.

Directly access mobile TV from the WAP portal.

If your handset does not support exclusive client, then you can also watch mobile TV directly from the WAP portals mobile TV link.

i sent the SMS to "54321" but did not receive SMS in return, what should I do?
Please check the format in which you sent the SMS.

SMS 3G to "54321".

If the format is right, then it could be a delay in the SMS server happening across the network. You will get the link soon or please contact our customer care.

what are pre-requisites for airtel mobile TV?
There are no pre-requisites for accessing mobile TV on phone. You should have the airtel's APN available on the handset.

what will happen when I move from 3G coverage area to 2G coverage area?
When you initiate the session from 2G coverage area, the format of the content will be reduced to 64 kbps to ensure seamless connectivity. When the session is initiated in the 3G area, then the bit streams is switched back to the 3G speeds of 180/200/220 kbps depending upon the bit rates.

Note: Device should be kept in Dual Network Mode.

i am trying to download the application but link does not work. Why?
The problem might be because there is not enough network coverage in the region. Check if at least 3 network bars are available for acceptable network speeds. If not, please move to a region with good network coverage.

If the problem persists, please try again after half an hour or contact our customer care.

if I change SIM on my mobile phone, will the mobile TV Subscription still work?
No, if you change the SIM in the phone, you need to re-request for a client and then subscribe to the relevant pack.

i have a prepaid connection. Can I activate airtel mobile TV?
Yes, you can activate airtel mobile TV provided you have enough balance to get registered with it.


i have installed the application and the website says that my phone model is supported, but still the application is not opening after installation?
Please try to reinstall the application once again and try to invoke the application. If still facing the same problem, call the customer care.

accidentally I installed the application in my phone memory, how do I move it to my MMC?
If you have already installed airtel mobile TV, follow the installation instructions. It will prompt you to install in phone memory or memory card. Choose "Memory card". It will replace the airtel mobile TV from phone memory to memory card.

when trying to install the airtel mobile TV application, it says not enough memory, what should I do?
Please delete some of the images or other data from your MMC card and reinstall the application. airtel mobile TV would require a minimum of 2MB free space to install and work.

subscription packages

where do I get to choose the different types of Subscription Packages available within the airtel mobile TV application?
Within the airtel mobile TV application, selecting upon any channel or video will pop-up packages screen with Weekly Plan and Pay-Per-View Plans select the desired plan and view the content.

i want to Know what all the packages I have subscribed?
It will be mentioned in "Subscribed Packages" option in settings.

explain to me what does "Weekly Subscription Package" mean?
With weekly subscription package, you are free to view all channel groups you wish with-in a week.

Is there any Auto Renewals?
Yes, we have Auto Renewals for weekly.


i am a subscriber. How to unsubscribe from the plan?
To un-subscribe from weekly plan send "TVUNSUB" to 54321.

what purpose is the un-subscription option used?
This provides you to unsubscribe to this service at any point of time.

how long does it usually take for the un-subscription to happen?
The un-subscription would usually take approximately 15 minutes; it might get delayed due to network error.

even after I un-subscribe from the mobile TV package, the client continues to be available in the phone will I be billed again?
The client that is installed in the phone will not automatically get deleted. You have to manually delete it from the phone. However even if you do not delete it from the phone, you will not be billed once the unsubcription process has been completed.


i am not able to attend the telephone call while watching airtel mobile TV programs?
This depends on the phone and network you are using on. The Nokia 6600 will not interrupt TV viewing, where as The Nokia N-72, will allow you to either answer or ignore a call while watching airtel mobile TV.

how to increase or decrease the volume while watching a program?
Press left navigation key to decrease the volume. Press right navigation key to increase the volume up to the extent needed, or use device external volume keys.

how often are the programs updated?
Programs are updated frequently.

how do I know if I am in 3G coverage area?
If you have a 3G phone, you'll see a small symbol on your phone. This symbol is usually a small '3G' sign on the upper left corner of your screen. Depending on the handset, it can also appear as '3.5G' or '3G+' if you are in areas with faster speed coverage.