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    Network restored in Mumbai

    There was a major fire at Peninsula Chambers, Lower Parel, Mumbai which houses several companies. The fire was caused by a short circuit in the common power cables, belonging to Tata Power. The access to the building was blocked for a considerable period of time because of the fire. As one of our offices is housed in the same complex, some of our customers in parts of south and central Mumbai got affected. As soon as the fire was brought under control, our engineers,supported by our partners Nokia, Ericsson and IBM, took prompt action and worked round the clock. We implemented disaster recovery services and had the equipment shifted to a redundancy site and 90% of the affected part of our network services are now up and running. To alleviate our customers' issues, we have also proactively rerouted calls to ensure continued service. Also, majority of the impacted customers were not charged for the calls made. The situation in the affected areas will see improvements over the next few days and customers will soon be able to enjoy 100% network experience. We would like thank our customers for their continued understanding and support.