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    Bharti announces major strategic initiative for leadership in Fixed Line, Long Distance & Broadband services
    Major strategic initiative to include :


        Formation of new business group integrating Fixed line, Broadband  
          &  Long Distance services under one President   
          New business group christened “The Infotel Leaders”
          High growth restructuring in fixed line business with formation of 
          two regions
          New brand to be launched for fixed line services
       The Infotel Leaders’ created to provide world class, cutting edge ‘solutions’ to its customers with a focus on the business segment.




    New Delhi, September 10, 2001: Bharti Enterprises, India's leading telecom conglomerate, today announced a major initiative for leadership in fixed line services, Long Distance services & Broadband services. Bharti today also announced that it would launch a new brand for its fixed line services business. This announcement follows Bharti’s recent wins in the 4th licence cellular bidding and its plans of launching basic services in Haryana, Karnataka, Delhi and Tamil Nadu by the year end along with its proposed launch of Domestic Long distance services. This announcement further takes forward Bharti’s business strategy & corporate philosophy unveiled in its high growth restructuring announced last year.



      New business group formed integrating Fixed line, Broadband & Long 
            Distance services at the President level 


    Bharti today announced that all its non-wireless businesses would now be clubbed together and integrated under a new group called ‘The Infotel Leaders’.  These businesses would be integrated under a President. This group will be headed by Badri Agarwal, who will be the President of ‘The Infotel Leaders’.  Badri Agarwal was earlier President of Bharti’s Fixed Line & Broadband businesses.

    Bharti also today announced the restructuring of the fixed line services businesses into two main regions each headed by an Executive Director.  These positions are being kept vacant and will be filled in once the new businesses achieve operational stability and are ready to be merged as regions. The northern region would comprise of Bharti’s Delhi, Haryana & Madhya Pradesh operations.  While the southern region would comprise of the Karnataka & Tamil Nadu operations.  Over a period of time this will result in management of larger business areas with greater operational efficiencies and flexibility.  

    The structure as it stands today has each circle headed by a CEO. Rohtash Mal is the CEO of Delhi circle, S. Choudhary is the CEO, Haryana circle, P Swaminathan is the CEO, Madhya Pradesh circle, Cherian Kuruvilla is the CEO, Karnataka circle and K.Krishnan is the CEO, Tamil Nadu circle. Ashok Juneja is the CEO of the Broadband Networks business. N. Arjun is the CEO of Bharti’s National Long Distance operation. All CEO’s will report to Badri Agarwal.



     ‘Infotel Leaders’ created to provide world class, cutting edge ‘solutions’ 
            to its customers with a focus on the business segment.


    ‘The Infotel Leaders’ has been specially created to focus on providing world-class, high quality access through various technologies specially for the business customer.  This group will lead Bharti’s foray in providing cutting edge technology through a host of world-class products packaged as ‘solutions’ to lead India into the information age.

    According to Chairman and Group Managing Director, Bharti Enterprises, Mr Sunil Bharti Mittal, “This major initiative of launching a new business group . . . ‘The Infotel Leaders’ signaling the integration of our non-wireless businesses is designed to ensure that synergetic businesses are run along similar lines tapping the best resources available across our businesses. The creation of two major regions in the North and South underlines Bharti’s strategic thrust towards expanding the Fixed Line services operations in the two regions.  This new group will help Bharti gain a leadership position by providing discerning customers with world-class ‘telecom solutions’ rather than mere products”

    This new structure will continue to be supported by the strong apex team of Corporate Directors.  This announcement follows Bharti’s recent announcements on a strategic roadmap for Pan India leadership in mobile services with an immediate investment of 1500 crores.  With this announcement Bharti has unveiled a high growth strategic game plan that will help it become a true leader in Indian telecom taking forward its vision to be a significant partner in the government’s endeavour to build the vital telecom infrastructure industry in India.


    About Bharti Enterprises

    Bharti Enterprises, India's leading telecom conglomerate, has been at the forefront of technology and has revolutionised telecommunications with its world-class products and services.  Established in 1976, Bharti has been a pioneering force in the telecom sector with many firsts and innovations to its credit.

    Bharti has always believed in creating strong partnerships with its joint venture partners. Today SingTel, Singapore and Warburg Pincus, USA are Bharti’s lead joint venture partners. 

    Bharti’s other joint venture partners include Telia, Sweden, AIF Funds Management Ltd., Mauritius, International Finance Corporation, USA and New York Life International, USA.

    Bharti has many firsts to its credit, ranging from being the first cellular service in Delhi, first Indian company to provide comprehensive telecom services outside India (Seychelles), fastest growing VSAT company in India, and first multinational Internet Service Provider.  Bharti also created history with the launch of India’s first private sector fixed line service in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which is today India's largest private basic telephone service. 

    AirTel, the premier mobile service brand from Bharti has defined the cellular business through continuous marketing and technological innovations, consistently setting new benchmarks for the Indian mobile industry.  AirTel has the unique distinction of being chosen India’s best cellular service four years in a row by receiving the Techies award in 1997, 1998, 1999 & 2000. 

    The most significant development in Bharti’s growth drive has been it’s recent wins in the 4th cellular licence bidding process.  Bharti has today emerged as India’s largest mobile services company with a footprint that spans across 15 states, 1.8 million sq.km. covering 700 million people.  Bharti plans to offer nationwide broadband & long distance services in addition to providing world-class fixed line services in Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Madhya Pradesh. Today Bharti’s telecom services footprint encompasses the entire telecom value chain and runs from Himachal Pradesh in the north to Tamil Nadu in the south, from Mumbai in the west to Kolkata in the east.  Today, Bharti is India’s largest telecom services company in the private sector.

    Bharti Enterprises also manufactures and exports telephone terminals and cordless phones.  Apart from being the largest manufacturer of telephone instruments, it is also the first company to export its products to the USA.

    Bharti Enterprises is today recognized as a true infrastructure builder of the nation.  Amongst it’s series of rewards & recognitions, Bharti was recently awarded the first National Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation (IDFC) award for “Excellence in Infrastructure - 2000”.