With the Airtel Data Card, you have the freedom to access the internet anytime, anywhere across the Pan Indian Airtel Network. Not just that, you can also avail of this service as you roam internationally. The Airtel Data Card, which is EDGE and GPRS enabled, has the features of a SIM card, which enables you to send and receive SMS. What's more is that the Airtel Data Card is much faster than a GPRS connection and is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/XP Tablet/XP Pro & Mac operating systems. Thus you are in touch with your partners and your clients, always.
All you need to have is a standard laptop PCMCIA slot and voila! Enjoy the Airtel Data Card!
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» High speed 24/7 Internet connectivity through Airtel EDGE network
» No automatic disconnection unlike normal dial-up connections.
» Connectivity to Internet when traveling in India or abroad so you save on high Internet charges on your hotel bills
» Easy to install & simple to use with choice of tariffs to suit you needs
» Send and Receive SMS via the Airtel Data Card
How to Install
» Setting up Airtel EDGE Data card is very simple.
» Use the CD to install the EDGE Card software on your laptop.
» Place the SIM in the module provided in the data card.
» Insert the EDGE Card into your laptop.
» Click on the installed software icon to start accessing the internet instantly.
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