Airtel Games FAQs

What is Airtel Games?

Airtel Games is a premiere game store that offers instant access to top premium games for a low subscription price. It has over 2500 games and new games are added every day!

Airtel Games enhances the gaming experience by providing you with a fun experience to discover and play all the premium games. Each game within Airtel Games has its own dedicated details page with descriptions, specs, user ratings, and reviews. The best part is that every game you see is part of the paid subscription so you may download as many as you wish! How awesome is that?

How do I get Airtel Games?

How much does Airtel Games cost?

What is the validity of my subscription?

Do I have to subscribe every month or while my subscription/subscription get auto-renewed?

How do I access the settings?

How do I view my purchase/usage history?

How do I view My Account details?

Why am I not able to download a game?

Which devices can support Airtel Games?

How do I cancel my Airtel Games subscription?

Is there any limit on number of games I can download?

Player Guide

How do I change my notification settings?

How do I restore my user information when I change devices?

Report Abuse/Cheating

How do I update a game?

How do I browse for games?

How do I delete a game?


Do you have promotions?

Reward Points/Wallet

What are Airtel Reward Points?

How do I spend reward points? What can I do with Reward Points?

How can I earn more reward points? What do I do if I run out of reward points?

Can I buy more reward points?

How do I check my Reward Point Balance?

I do not see Reward Points on my App. How do I activate them?

Purchase & Billing

How do I view my purchase history?

How do I view my account details?

How do I manage my subscription?

How do I contact support?

Do data charges apply when browsing app or downloading the game?

What are the available payment options?

Game Play Assistance

Game Keeps Freezing/Crashing?

Why does my game appear so small on the screen?

How do I rate and review a game?

How do I contact you?