voucher rates

Tariffs plans that are available in Andhra%2520Pradesh

Recharge Coupon Options

MSC (Rs) Calling Value (Rs) Processing Fee (Rs) Service tax (Rs) Validitiy (days) Grace Period (days) Approximate Minutes Of Usage
10 7.90 1 1.10 0
till 11.59 p.m
11 120 LOCAL + STD SMS FREE 9.97 1.03 30 days
till 11.59 p.m
0 NA
12 40 Local Airtel to Airtel Minutes Free 10.68 1.32 1
till 11.59 p.m
12 22 Local/National Minutes Free. 10.68 1.32 1 day
till 11.59 p.m
19 - 16.91 2.09 3
till 11.59 p.m
NA 100 MB of 2G
20 15.8 2 2.2 0
till 11.59 p.m
26 300 LOCAL + STD SMS FREE 23.57 2.43 30 days
till 11.59 p.m
0 NA
30 23.70 3 3.30 NA
till 11.59 p.m
30 4800 Local and National Seconds Free 26.7 3.3 3 Days
till 11.59 p.m
40 4200 local/national sec free 35.60 4.40 7 Days
till 11.59 p.m
0 0
50 41.50 3 5.50 Old paper stocks also available
till 11.59 p.m
100 86 3 11 NA
till 11.59 p.m
Old paper stocks also available NA

Easy charge Denominations

Easy charge is an exclusive and paperless recharge facility that gives you complete freedom to for any value anytime, anywhere. What's more, you can choose recharge values that suit your need starting from Rs 10 till Rs 10,000. You can also recharge your prepaid while roaming anywhere across the country. Here`s how it works

  • On your request, the dealer will directly recharge your card using his mobile.
  • Just mention your Airtel number and the amount you wish to recharge.
  • Both you and your dealer will receive an SMS in a few seconds confirming the recharge.
  • Just pay your dealer and your transaction is complete.
  • Do make sure that the dealer enters your correct mobile number and the amount you wish to recharge.
  • You can dial *123# from your Airtel phone and your current balance will be automatically displayed on your handset screen for a short duration.

Easy Recharge

Denomination (Range) TalkTime Range Value (Rs) Processing Service tax(Rs) Validity (days)
10 7.9 1 1.1 0
11 120 Free Local +STD SMS 9.79 1.21 15 days
13 200 Free airtel to airtel Local+National SMS 11.57 1.43 30 days
14 50 MB of 3G data 12.46 1.54 1 Day
15 Full Talktime Rs15 (1 day valid )+ 2 Local airtel SMS (1 day valid) 13.35 1.65 1 day
17 Local & STD calls @ 1.2p/s 15.13 1.87 28 Days
18 STD mobile calls @ 35p/min, First STD mobile minute of day @ 2p/sec 16.02 1.98 56 Days
19 100 MB 16.91 2.09 3 Days
20 15.8 2 2.2 0
21 ISD to 28 countries 18.69 2.31 30 days
22 250 Free Local+ STD SMS 19.58 2.42 15 days
23 90 local mobile airtel mins 20 3 3 Days
24 24 Full Talktime + 2 Local A2A SMS for 1 day 21.36 2.64 3 days
25 125 MB 2G Data 22.25 2.75 4 Days
26 250 Free Local+STD SMS 23.14 2.86 30 days
29 2300 Local / STD secs 25.8 3.2 3 Days
30 23.7 3 3.3 0
31 Free incoming on roaming. Home rate and roam rate (L+N) - 1.6p/s. SMS (incl. roaming SMS) - 1/1.5/5 27.59 3.41 10 days
33 350 local and national sms free for 30 days 29.36 3.63 30 Days
35 All STD mobile calls @ 35 p/min 31.11 3.9 28 days
38 200MB of 3G Whatsapp (speed as per the network latched on) 34 4 30 days
39 Talktime of Rs 31.17 in main account and 5 night A2A minutes valid for 2 days 3.00 4.29 Main Account
41 Local mobile calls @ 1.4p/2s (1st Local mobile minute of the day @ 1.8p/s) 36.49 4.51 28 days
42 Incoming calls at 1.25p/s on roaming. Outgoing Home rate and roam rate (L+N) - 1.5p/s. SMS (incl. roaming SMS) - 1/1.5/5 37.38 4.62 180 days
43 Local & STD Mobile calls @ 1.4p/2s (1st two mobile minutes of the day @ 1.8p/s) 38.27 4.73 28 Days
44 500 local and national sms free for 30 days 39.15 4.84 30 Days
45 150 MB 40.05 4.95 7 Days
46 All local mobile calls @ 45p/m 40.94 5.06 28 Days
47 Talk time value of 38.83 in main account and 5 night A2A mins valid for 2 days 41.83 5.17 Main Account
48 250 MB 42.72 5.28 7 Days
50 41.5 3 5.5 -
52 Full Talk time Rs 52+ 2 Local A2A SMS for 1 day 46.28 5.72 5 days
53 Local STD @1.2p/sec, 50 MB Facebook 47.17 5.83 90 days
55 Local and STD mobile calls @ 1p/sec 49.86 5.14 28 Days
56 100 all Local minutes 49.84 6.16 7 Days
57 Incoming calls @ 1p/sec, outgoing calls @ 1.6p/s in Home rate and roam rate 50.73 6.27 180 Days
58 Local airtel calls @ 1.2p/3s. 51.62 6.38 28 days
66 Local mobile calls @ 1.2p /2s, STD mobile calls @ 1.6p/s 58.74 7.26 21 days
73 Local mobile calls at 1.2p/2sec. 64.97 8.03 28 days
75 375 MB 2G Data 66.75 8.25 10 Days
77 850 Free Local+STD SMS 68.53 8.47 30 Days
78 180 local mobile airtel mins 69 9 14 days
79 Outgoing Rate - Home Rate (Local+National) @ 1.6p/sec & Roam Rate (Local+National) @ 1.6p/sec. Incoming Rate,Roam @ Free. SMS Local @ Re. 1 & STD @ Rs. 1.5 70.31 8.69 30 days
80 Rs. 68.20 talktime 0 0 -
88 Local mobile calls @ 1.2p/2sec and STD mobile calls at 1.4p/2sec. 78.32 9.68 28 days
98 Local Airtel mobile at 10p/min 87.22 10.78 28 days
99 350 MB 88.11 10.89 15 Days
100 86 3 11 -
105 525 MB 2G Data 93.45 11.55 15 Days
110 Minimum Talk Value : Rs. 95.00, Maximum: Rs. 125.00 3 12.10 NA
111 Full talktime Rs111 (12 day valid )+ 2 Local airtel SMS ( 1day valid) 98.79 12.21 12 days
143 3000 Local A2A night minutes, Night timings -11 pm to 6am 127.27 15.73 28 days
145 550 MB 129.05 15.95 21 days
150 130.5 3 16.5 0
155 750 MB 2G Data 137.95 17.05 21 Days
175 1 GB 2G Data 155.75 19.25 28 Days
189 Local calls at 1.2p/2s 168.21 20.79 84 days
196 Outgoing Rate - Home Rate (Local+National) @1.6p/sec & Roam Rate (Local+National) @1.6p/sec. Incoming Rate Roam @ Free. SMS Local @ Re. 1 & STD @ Rs. 1.5 174.44 21.56 180 days
198 1.25 GB+Unlimited 2G Data(post 1.25 GB speed @40kbps) 176.22 21.78 28 Days
199 25000 Local secs 177.1 21.9 28 days
220 Full Talkvalue of Rs. 220 0 24.20 NA
222 222 Full Talktime + 2 Local A2A SMS for 1 day 0 0 0
249 27000 Local / STD secs 221.6 27.4 28 days
255 1 GB of 3G data 226.95 28.05 28 days
256 3 GB+Unlimited 2G Data(post 3 GB Speed @40kbps) 227.84 28.16 28 Days
280 Surprise talktime from Rs 280 to 350 0 0 NA
300 Full Talkvalue of Rs.300 0 0 0
306 Talktime of Rs 306 with Roaming Incoming Free and Outgoing Call (Local+STD) @1.6p/sec 0 33.66 28 Days
330 Full Talkvalue of Rs. 330 0 36.30 NA
333 333 Full Talktime + 2 Local A2A SMS for 1 day 0 0 0
349 Unlimited Local A2A mobile calls (Max usage of 2 lakh seconds) 311 38 28 Days
400 Talktime Rs 400 0 0 NA
455 2 GB 404.95 50.05 28 days
500 Talktime Rs 500 0 0 0
550 Full Talkvalue of Rs. 550 0 60.50 NA
555 555 Full Talktime + 2 Local A2A SMS for 1 day 0 0 0
600 Talktime Rs 600 0 0 NA
655 3 GB + Unlimited @ 80kbps 582.95 72.05 28 days
755 4 GB + Unlimited @ 80kbps 671.95 83.05 28 days
770 Full Talkvalue of Rs. 770 0 84.70 NA
777 777 Full Talktime + 2 Local A2A SMS for 1 day 0 0 0
855 5 GB + Unlimited @ 80kbps 760.95 94.05 28 days
955 6 GB + Unlimited @ 80kbps 849.95 105.05 28 days
1110 Full Talkvalue of Rs. 1110 0 122.10 NA
1111 Rs.1111 Full Talktime + 2 Local A2A SMS for 1 day 0 0 0
1150 Talktime Rs 1150 0 0 NA
1255 9 GB + Unlimited @ 80kbps 1116.95 138.05 28 days
1505 10 GB 1339.44 165.56 28 days
1555 12 GB + Unlimited @ 80kbps 1383.94 171.06 28 days

Blackout days for 2014 are 1. New Year Day
2. Ugadi
3. Friendship Day
4. Diwali
5. New Year eve.

All SMS/Voice on these Blackout days will be charged as per the base tariff plan of the customers. No discounted SMS,Voice will be applicable on these Blackout days.

As per new TRAI regulaion only 100 SMS per day per SIM are allowed at discounted tariff. Hence All SMS beyond 100th SMS of the day will be charged at Re 1 for Local, Rs. 1.5 for STD and Rs. 5 for ISD. These changes are applicable to all pre-paid tariff plans including all SMS packs.
Country Details for STV 21 1. Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait at 13 paise per Second 2. US at 3 paisa/sec 3. Canada fixed line/UK Fixed line /China at 4 paise per Second 4.Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand at 6 paise per Second 5. UK (Mobile), Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, Germany, Romania, Spain at 12 paise per Second 6. Qatar, Philippines, Tanzania at 17 paise per Second 7.Oman at 25 paise per Second 8. Russia 15 paisa per second.

Disclaimer - All daily / per day recharge packs will be valid till 12:00 midnight.

Select Service


Type of
Description How to Access Prepaid
*141# Optional GIFT TALKTIME
or SEND FREE - call me back - SMS
Just dial *141# Rs 1 Processing Fee for talktime transfer of Rs 5 to Rs 10
3G settings On Usage To check your handset comptablity sms 3GHS to 121. To enable 3G network, go to network settings on your handset and select dual network mode.

To download internet settings sms MO to 54321 and save the settings.

APN - airtelgprs.com
3G/Internet Settings for iPhone On Usage 3G/Internet Settings for iPhone Go to SETTINGS
Select APN:airtelgprs.com
Press: OK
Go to main menu
3G/Internet setings for Sony Ericsson On Usage 3G/Internet setings for Sony Ericsson Go to SETTINGS
Profile name: Airtel Internet
APN: airtelgprs.com
Save settings

Select ADD NEW
Profile name: Mobile internet
Connect using: Airtel Internet
Proxy: Disable
Save settings
Go to PROFILE NAME and select MORE
Name: Google
Address: http://www.google.com

Select MORE
Select GO TO
3G/Internet settings for Nokia On Usage 3G/Internet Settings for Nokia handsets Select SETTINGS from the main menu


Connection name: Airtel Internet


Access point name: airtelgprs.com

Prompt password: NO
Authentication: Normal
Home Page: http://www.ggogle.com

Now go to main menu
Select web or services option
Select options under settings
In settings click on General and select access point as Airtel Internet.
3G/Internet settings for Samsung On Usage Configuration of 3G/Internet settings for Samsung handsets Go to MENU
Select Browse
Go to profile settings
Profile name : Airtel Internet

Home url: http://www.gogle.com
Bearer: GPRS only
Proxy: disable
Select GPRS settings
APN: airtelgprs.com
Now select current profile and select Airtel Internet and click on Home
5 in 1 SPORTS PACK Optional Stay connected with the NDTV 5 in 1 Sports Pack for the latest action on Football, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey and Motorsports. Dial 53515 or sms SUB SPO to 566670 Rs 3/ day
543212 Calling Charges On Usage Just dial 543212 & speak your request:to download ringtones, dedicate songs, check cricket scores etc. Just dial short code 543212 Rs. 6/min
Airtel Blog Optional Dial 52000 to listen to celebrity blogs. Select one or many celebrities to listen to their blogs. After subscribed to the service, notification through SMS sent whenever the celebrity blogs. For subscription: Dial 52000 or *180# (USSD)
Dial *2* (tollfree) to listen to celebrity blogs
Dial *7* (tollfree) to record your own blogs
To Unsubscribe: Dial 155223
Rs.10 per 7 days
Airtel Daily Spiritual Magazine - The first of its kind Mobile Internet Spiritual Magazine On Usage Subscribe Airtel Daily Spiritual Magazine @ Rs.2/day
Subscribe through WAP click www.channel99.in or Dial *321*338# on USSD
Unsubscribe through WAP click www.channel99.in , Dial *321*338# or SMS “STOP” to 121.
NA Rs2/day + Browsing Charges
Airtel Live Portal On Usage Make your mobile the most happening entertainment destination with Airtel Live. Download latest ringtones, true tones, games, wallpapers and many more goodies.
You can also get news clips, watch live TV and download full songs on your phone.
To Activate SMS ALIVE to 202(toll free) and to receive the settings SMS Live to 52567 (toll free)
Wap site- http://live.airtelworld.com
Content download charges apply.
Airtel Radio On Usage Dial 543213 & listen to more than 1 lakh songs. You can also Dedicate/Download songs. Validity:30 days.
Special feature of My favourite has been added on Airtel Radio wherein customer can select his favourite song and listen to the same any no of time without paying any additional amt.
FOR EXISTING AIRTEL RADIO CUSTOMER -customer can dial 543213 and select his favourite song and store the same in 5432135 @ Rs.5 per song.
FOR NON EXISTING AIRTEL RADIO CUSTOMER-Customer has to dial 5432135 and select a song at 5 per song which is auto renewed after10 days @ Rs.10 for 2 songs.
Dial 543213(toll free) Subscription charges Rs.30/month (30 minutes free)
Airtel TV On Usage Airtel Mobile TV, complements traditional TV, by providing snackable content for users to watch along with Live
streaming. The Customer can now view all his favorite TV channels on his Mobile Phone.
HOW to register for Airtel TV

To get start with Airtel TV its must for subscriber to have,

GPRS Compatible Handset
Airtel Live active on his number

Incase if Airtel Live is not active then it prompts customer to subscribe to Airtel Live and then get the Airtel TV application

STEPS for Airtel TV Application Download and Installation

Customer needs to send SMS TV to 54321
He shall get a WAP push or SMS with the link, click on the link
Download the application immediately
Once the Installation is complete, the app automatically invokes and open Mobile TV in Applications folder or Airtel TV folder

How to Register for a Pack
-Open the Application / Mobile TV, channels will be displayed on Screen
-Click on any Channel
Register for any of the packs.
-Available programs will be displayed
Select the program to watch
-Starts buffering.
Airtel TV Helpline No : 040-40123943
Registration plans that the customer can choose from:
Rs.40 - All Channel per Week With maximum viewing time of 80 minutes)
Rs.15 - One Channel per Week (With maximum viewing time of 30 minutes)
Rs.10 - One Channel per Day With maximum viewing time of 20 minutes)

Airtel TV Unsubscription:

User cab Unsubscribe by sending SMS on Shortcode TVUNSUB to 54321
Rs,40,Rs.15Rs.10 (mentioned before)
Anmol - Devotional Portal On Usage Offering Content of Six Religions
Dial in and listen to
Hinduism - Mantras/Aarti/Chalisa/Bhajans of deities, Religious Books: Ramayana, Sri Madbhagwadgeeta, Four Vedas, Festivals & Vrats, Holy Pilgrimages of Hinduism, Mythological Stories
Islamic - Quran Sharif, Tibb-E-Nabvi, Ramazan Special: Hadees & Bayan, Asma-E-Husna (99 Names of Allah), Hadees for Better Life, Hajj Ki Maloomat, Hamds, Naat & Sufi Qawwali.
Buddhism - Dhampadda, Shlokas & Mantras, Stories Related to Lord Buddha.
Jainism - Navkar Mantra, Aarti & Jain Stories, Bhaktamber & Ratnakar Pachhissi, Non-Stop Bhavna, Stavan & Pooja Vidhi, 24 Tirthankar's Names & Their Sign, Religious Stories & Places, Stotra & Mantras
Christianity - Stories From Bible, Prayers & Songs.
Sikhism - Nitnem & Hor Baniya, Gurbani & Mata De Bhajan, 10 Gurus Preachings, 5 Takhats (Gurdwara), Gurbani Kirtan, Festivals, 5 Takhats, 5 Kakkar & 5 Pyaare.
Content approved and certified by respective religious authorities
Bonus free daily SMS alerts & WAP link related to each deity & religions to every subscribers
Rewind, Forward & Repeat Keys Feature to browse the content
Customized content for religious festivals and significant days
Vast Content Catalogue in each languages & religions
Dial 53737 (Tollfree) to subscribe
Subscription charges - Rs 30 for 30 days with 60 mins of free usage
Topups - Rs 10 for 10 mins, Rs 20 for 20 mins & Rs 30 for 30 min
To unsubscribe, dial 53737100 (Tollfree)
Rs 30 for 30 days with 60 mins of free usage
Ask Laila search On Usage Now you can search your favorite movie, restaurants or grocery shop just at the push of an SMS. Ex- Type Locate Thai Food and send to 54321 and get a List of Restaurants serving Thai Food in Hyd. Toll Free
Astrology On Demand On Usage Now listen to personalized predictions based on your Horoscope and Numerology . Find out the auspicious time of the day based on Panchang.You can also consult a live astrologer at your convenience. Predictions based on Astrology,Numerology, Panchang. To subscribe dial 543214 (Tollfree)
To unsubscribe dial 543214900 (TollFree)
Rs.30 for 15 mins/month (1 daily prediction sms). Live Astrology Rs.6 per min. Various alert top ups available.
Astrology on WAP - Astro Prediction Videos from Astro greats - Bejan Daruwala & Ajai Bhambhi On Usage NA SMS SUB WAPGAJ to 5432170 Subscription Charges: - Rs 20 for 10days with fall back
Audio Cinema Optional Make Your mobile a moving Multiplex. A 60-90 minutes with a voice over that would narrate the story including famous dialogues in the actors voice. Just Dial 505999555 Only Rs.6/min
Bhakti SMS & slokas Optional Now customers can subscribe to Bhakti SMS & voice alert.
Alert: 1 voice alert + Sloka + Thought-For-The-Day
•The voice alert gets delivered between 7 am to 8.30AM. If the customer does not pick-up the call, 2 retry happens the same day
•Sloka & Though for the Day, is sent in the morning and afternoon respectively
•The Bakthi Pack contains voice alerts on all Hindu gods depending on the season
Activation Keyword: SUB VB to 54321
Deactivation Keyword: UNSUB VB to 54321
Bible,Quran & Bhagvad Gita alerts On Usage Now get Bible,Quran & Bhagvad Gita alerts on your mobile. For GITA aLERTS - SMS sub GITA TO 54321


Bill Payment through mChek On Usage Now prepaid customers can recharge through mCheck. NA -
Blackout Days for 2014 On Usage 5 Blackout days specified for year 2014 are New Year day (1st January 2014), Ugadi, Friendship Day (3rd August 2014), Diwali and New Year Eve (31st December 2014). All Calls and SMS on these Blackout days will be charged as per the base tariff plan of the customers. No discounted SMS and Call tariff will be applicable on these Blackout days. Base Tariff Plan of the Customer
Blackout Days for 2014 On Usage 5 Blackout days for 2014 are New Year day (1st January 2014), Ugadi, Friendship Day (3rd August 2014), Diwali and New Year Eve (31st December 2014). All Calls and SMS on these Blackout days will be charged as per the base tariff plan of the customers. No discounted SMS and Call tariff will be applicable on these Blackout days. Base Tariff Plan of the Customer
Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) Optional CLIP displays the calling partyA??s number on your handset screen giving you the flexibility to either reject or take the call. Give in your request at the nearest ARC. NA
Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) Optional CLIR restricts your number on the calling partyA??s phone even if they have CLIP activated. Give in your request along with no objection certificate from local police at the nearest ARC. Not Available
Cartoon Alerts On Usage Now get cartoon picture msgs, cartoon logo and cartoon trivia. SMS SUB TOON to 58558 Rs. 30 per month
Cell Shakti Optional Now you can get information on Mandi Bhav / Education / Health / Weather / Police & Law / Pesticides / Gadgets / Film / Fashion on your mobile. Dial 52345006 Re.1 per day.
Comedy Junction On Usage Presenting Comedy Junction,an instant stress reliever.Customers can listen to jokes in various categories (Famous comedians, Shayari, Love etc). In addition to browsing (on toll free number), customer will also get 1 joke sms/day. Dial 543212908
Dial *646*703# to subscribe to Jokes sms pack at Re.1/day
Pack 1 : Rs.30 for 30days + 45 mins free
Conversion from Post-Paid to Prepaid Optional Convert your Post-Paid subscription to Prepaid with ease. Give in your request at the nearest ARC. NA
Conversion from Prepaid to Postpaid Optional Convert your Prepaid to Post-Paid subscription with ease. Give in your request at the nearest ARC with required documnets. -
Cool alerts @ 54321 Optional Subscribe to cool alerts and receive updates on National News, Local News, Jokes, Astrology, Love tips, Health, thought of the day, Vaastu alert, Sports, cricket scores, Amazing facts, filmi gossips at a push of the button. Type the keyword SUB with first 3 letters of the zodiac sign for astrology, SUB NEWS for News, SUB JOKE for Jokes, SUB BIZ for Business News, SUB SPO for Sports Alerts & SUB VAASTU for Vaastu tips, SUB HEALTH, SUB FACTS, SUB LOVE, SUB FILMI, and send it to 54321. Rs. 1 per day
Cricket Pack On Usage Get India match alerts on your mobile on all match days. Dial *646*601# Rs.5 per match day
Dream girls combo pack On Usage 2 SMS Alerts per dayon favorite actress for Rs. 2 per/day Subscription - SUB DRGLS to 54321 Rs 2 per/day
Duplicate Bill On Usage Request for a duplicate bill at 121 or register for e-bill and view your detailed statement online, with the facility to segregate calculate your personal usage. Call 121 and give in your request NA
E-Guru pack Optional Customer subscribes to this SMS pack and receives a SMS with a new Word in English everyday, with its meaning. SMS SUB eguru to 53030 Rental: Rs. 10 for every 10 days SMS to 53030 Short Code is charged at Rs3/sms
Education on Airtel On Usage Now Get the BEST Courses /Institutes , Admission Tests , Education Fairs and FREE Education Tips on ur Airtel Mobile. customer gets 3 Tips Daily - 2 on Colleges/Courses and 1 on better education tips. Dial *321*660# OR SMS STUDY to 5432105 Rs.10 for 10 days
Facebook Pack @ Rs 3/- Optional Browse Facebook @ Just Rs 3 per day(upto 40 MB ) Dial *567*03# from your Prepaid Mobile Rs 3/day
Fair Usage policies On Usage For all unlimited 3G packs for Dongle post FUP, the speed is 10 Kbps.
For all unlimited 3G pack in Handset post FUP, the speed is 80 Kbps till additional 2GB and then its 2Kbps.
. Nil
Friends chat on SMS On Usage Now get a new life and make new friends with AIrtel Friends Chat. We get you packs as per your needs ... To subscribe- SMS SUB to 543216 and begin chatting.
Pack 10 to 543216 for Rs.10 pack - Get 10 Messages Free

Pack 20 to 543216 for Rs.20 pack - Get 25 Messages Free.

Pack 30 to 543216 for Rs.30 pack- Get 40 Messages Free
pack at 10,20,30
Full Movie subscription Pack On Usage A variety of services like Full Movie Audio, Hit Dialogues, songs of the movie are offered under this subscription pack. The customer can call 52345000(TollFree)
Subscribe for Rs.10/movie/week and browse at Re.1/min.
GPRS on Daily rental plan Rs.20 On Usage In GPRS @ Rs.20 customer will have to pay Rs 20 & can enjoy 8MB Free GPRS usage, post free usage they will be charged at 20p/50KB usage. Customers will have to dial *567# or *567*1# for activation
For deactivation customer will have to dial *567# or *567*2#
Daily Rs. 20
GPRS on prepaid On Usage Now use GPRS on your prepaid mobile at just 30 paisa /20 KB. Default activation 30 paisa /20 KB
Gaana Bolo Hello tune pao (Hello tune search) On Usage Now search your favourite Hello tune by just saying name of the movie or hello tune. Dial 57878 Toll free
Ganesh Chaturthi Pack On Usage Combo offering with voice & WAP content. Customer can listen to mantras, devotional stories + WAP link eveyday will be sent with Ganesha walapers, animations and themes. Custome to dial 52345002 - toll free Rs.10 for 30 days
Gold Rush Offer Optional One lucky customer will be chosen daily through lucky draw to win 1 gm Gold coin per day.This offer will be applicable from 21st December 2012 to 30th December 2012. All prepaid customers making any out-going call during the day(s) falling in the period of offer will be eligible for the lucky draw of that particular day(s). NA
Hello Tunes On Usage Welcome your callers with your favorite song when they call you. You can play different Hello Tunes for different callers, set special hello tunes for your friends, spouse and business associates. Just dial 543211 to choose the song of your choice 543211 calling charges Rs.3/min, Subscription Rs.36/month, Rs.15/Hello Tune
IPL Score updates On Usage Customers would be getting SMS udates about IPL matches for every 3 overs and every wicket fall. Subscribe/Unsubscribe - *321*453# Rs 50 for 50 days
ISD worl calling recharge 21 Optional World calling Card - 21 Countries at Rs 21 Applicable changes only on Easy mode of recharge RC 21
Itemised Bill On Usage Itemised bill is a detailed statement of your account, which helps you keep track of all your calls, SMS and other services. Call 121 and give in your request Nil
Jobs alert On Usage Get naukri, monster job alerts on your mobile. Sms Jobs to 54321 Rs.10 for 10 days
Lord Balaji alerts On Usage Now get 1 Lord Balaji devotional msg and 1 sloka every day with Airtels Lord Balaji sms pack. SMS Sub BAL to 54321 Re 1 per day
Love Everywhere Optional Subscriber will get 3 alerts daily on Love Tips, Love Quotes and Love Poems. For Subscription SMS SUB LE to 54321 (toll-Free)or dial *321*480# (toll-free).
For Unsubscription SMS UNSUB LE to 54321 (toll-free) or dial *121*5# (toll-Free).
Rs. 3/- per day
MMS On Usage airtel 's MMS [Multi-media Messaging Service] turns your messages into a visual experience. Share, Pictures and Moments with your loved ones on MMS SMS MMS to 52567 Tollfree now to get MMS settings on your phone. Rs.5/MMS
Mantras Portal On Usage The power of Mantras & Shlokas has been acknowledged since time immemorial. Now listen to Gayatri Mantra / MahaMrutyunjaya Mantra / Mahalakshmyashtakam / Sai Chalisa / Narayana Mantra. Dial 543212602, subscribe to this pack. Rs.30/- subscription and get 30 free browsing minutes. After free 30 mins, customer can top up with pack Rs. 30,20,10.
Masti Pack Optional Subscribe to this SMS pack and get entertaining content on your mobile daily. Examples of content are Joke, Picture Message, Thought for the day and Funny SMS. Send SUB MASTI to 52906. Re.1 per day
Missed Call Alert Facility Optional Get updates of all calls you miss if your phone is switched off or you are unreachable. Next time someone tries to call you while you away you will receive a SMS notification as soon as you are back in the coverage area, or when you switch on your phone. MCA active to 52121 or *132*1881* NA
Mobile Locator Optional 1. Mobile Tracker
2. Lost mobile tracker
3. For finding direction or Location
4. If you get lost
To avail service 1 & 2 customer will have to register name & mobile number in the website www.sattracx.in.
To avail this service customer has to call on shortcode 54444 and select any of the four services.
Calls to short codes will be charged at Rs. 6 per minute
Movie Show Timing Optional Free SMS with show timing and theatre information, movie review and rating. Daily 3sms alert per day For subscription & un subscription dial 5432901 Toll Free Rs 10 for 10 days
Night Radio Optional airtel Radio is offering Night Radio, a Music Portal which plays in the NIGHT...with Unlimited free minutes.
Subscribe to Mobile Night Radio for 20 days at Rs.10 only & enjoy the song in various language and categories. Channels from 10pm-6am @ 20p/min.
Just call 55170 and subscribe to Mobile Night Radio. Subscription charges Rs.20 for 30 days
Palleturi Kathalu Optional Entertainment, Music and Traditional Story telling in most imaginative and loving way. Available on IVR. Subscriber can listen to various famous telgu stories in most appealing and different traditional format. Subscription: Dial 5464613 (Toll-Free).
Subscription Charge : Rs. 30 for 30 days with 30 free minutes.
Post Free minutes Top-Up of Rs. 20, Rs. 10 and Rs. 5 available for Free 20, 10 and 5 minutes respectively.
Unsubscription : Dial 5464613 (Toll-Free).
Rs. 30 for 30 free minutes for 30 days
Panchagnam service On Usage One SMS alert per day containing updates about auspicious time of the day and updates on festivals etc. Dial *321*984# Rs 10 for 10 days
Premium Numbers Optional Both existing and non mobile owners are eligible for these premium mobile numbers. Walk up to the nearest ARC and check the availability of your preferred mobile numbers. Give in your request at the nearest ARC. As per availability
Railway Enquiry Optional Call 139 for PNR Status, Arrival/ Departure, Accommodation Availability, Fare Enquiry, Ticket Booking through Credit/ Debit Card, SMS Ticket Booking Helpline or Meal Booking.

SMS for PNR Status, Train Arrival/Departure, Train Current Position, Meal Request in Train, Seat Availability, Tatkal Seat Availability, Fare Enquiry, Train Schedule, Trains Between Two Stations, Next Train, Time Table, Platform Information & Ticket Booking. For Help on SMS ticket keywords type HELP and send it to 139

Airtel Customers can now dial *139# for Railway Enquiry. The following information is available:
1. PNR Status 2. Arrival/ Departure of Trains (Train Schedule) 3. SPOT TRAIN 4.Seat Availability 5. Fare Enquiry. 6. TRAIN NO/Name enquiry 7. TRAIN timetable 8. Train schedule.
For IVR Call 139
For USSD Dial *139#
SMS as below
For PNR Status SMS PNR (PNR No) , Train Arrival/Departure SMS AD (Tr No) (Stn STD Code) , Train Current Position SMS SPOT (Tr No), Meal Request in Train SMS MEAL (PNR No), Seat Avail SEAT (Tr No) (Dt ddmmyy) (From Stn STD Code) (To Stn STD code) (Class) (Quota) to, Tatkal Seat Avail SMS TSEAT (Tr No) (Dt ddmmyy) (To Stn Code) (To Stn Code) (Class), TimeTable SMS TIME (Tr No) , Train Name/Number SMS TN (Tr No/ Name) , Next Train SMS NEXT (From Stn Code) (To Stn Code) , Train Route SMS ROUTE(Tr No),Station Code CODE(Stn Name) , Train Schedule SMS SCHEDULE(Tr No) , Fare Enquiry SMS FARE (Tr No) (Dt ddmmyy) (From Stn STD Code) (To Stn STD code) (Class) (Quota) , Trains Between Two Stations SMS TRAIN (From Stn Code) (To Stn Code) , Help on SMS Ticket Booking SMS HELP OR TKT
Call @ Rs.2 per min, SMS @ Rs 3 per SMS, dialing *139# is toll free with Rs 3 per query
SIM Replacement Optional In event of a damage or loss of your SIM, we provide you with a replacement to ensure your immediate accessibility needs are met. Get your lost / damaged SIM replaced at the nearest ARC 8K SIM- Rs.85, 32K SIM-Rs.100, 64K SIM-Rs.135
SMS On Usage Make arrangements share moments or just say hello, text messaging is a fast and convenient way to keep in touch. NA Base Tariff-Local Re.1 National Rs.1.50 International Rs.5.00. If SMS top-up done then top benefit shall be given.
SMS Capping On Usage With effect from 25th Sep 2011(00.00 Hrs of Sunday), maximum SMS that can be sent from a prepaid SIM would be limited to 100 OG sms per day.
On postpaid the limit will be 3000 SMS per month.
Safe Custody Optional Services to the SIM card will be discontinued if there is no usage, i.e. no Voice / Video call (Outgoing or Incoming) or an outgoing SMS or a Data session or usage of Value Added Services for a continuous period of 90 days. Customer with more than Rs 20 account balance shall be charged Rs 20 for 30 days for automatic service extension. This process will be repeated till such time the minimum amount in customers account is more than Rs 20. At any point of time, if the balance is less than Rs 20 the services will be disconnected. Customer will not be able to use this number post disconnection Services to the SIM card will be discontinued if there is no usage, i.e. no Voice / Video call (Outgoing or Incoming) or an outgoing SMS or a Data session or usage of Value Added Services for a continuous period of 90 days. Customer with more than Rs 20 account balance shall be charged Rs 20 for 30 days for automatic service extension. This process will be repeated till such time the minimum amount in customers account is more than Rs 20. At any point of time, if the balance is less than Rs 20 the services will be disconnected. Customer will not be able to use this number post disconnection Minium Rs 20 balance in main account
Shirdi Sai Baba Manokama Offer Optional Customers can play their Manokamna in Shirdi directly by subscribing to Sai Baba Live Aarti Dial 55222 & Subscribe to Sai Baba live Aarti Rs 5 (First Day & Rs 2 per day from 2nd Day onwards) To listen to Aarti
SongCatcher On Usage Catch a song, playing anywhere (TV, Radio, Laptop, Theatre etc) and set as your Hello Tune. Dial 57878 Rs.15 to download a hellotune.In case user is not subscriber to Hello tunes, msg states that Additional Rs 36 will be charged as monthly subscription)
Speak English On Usage Learn Spoken English anytime and anywhere at your convinience.A unique situation based approach specially customised to Indian context. Just dial 543212050 to access the service. Choose any situation and subscribe to the service. Subscription Rs.5 for 10 days. Call charges of Re.1/- per minute
Special 5 offer On Usage The special 5 service gives Airtel customers freedom of calling to special 5 numbers local & STD nos @ 20 paisa and 50 paisa respectively. All one need to do is register the 5 nos. SMS FIVE to 121 Toll free
TV5 news update On Usage SMS based service for quick news updates for Airtel AP customers. More than 4 News
Alerts Per Day
Send SMS SUB 5News to 5432170 or
Dial *321*197#(TollFree)
Telugu Portal On Usage Telugu portal where customers can get all the songs and ringtones from Telugu movies and non movies.
Customers can also subscribe for packs (tollywood pack, Chiranjeevi pack, jokes etc) by dialing 52345000 (toll free). The packs are available at various price points of 1,5,10,15,30,50,99 with different validiy.
Dial 52345 Rs.6/min
Temple Packs On Usage This pack allows customer to get information on the temples listed below every day through text message. On subscription the customer will get two alerts everyday with the information about the temple of their choice. NA Applicable Charges – Subscription charges - Rs.1 per day for 2 alerts.
Thank You Offer for new activation On Usage As a part of celebrating 1 crore customer mark in AP, Airtel is offering following VAS services on all new activations-
Customer gets free AR 1.Rahman Hello Tune for 30 days
2.Free 25 SMS for 30 days
3.Free Missed Call Alerts for 30 days
On new connection -
Times of India news pack On Usage Get Times of India -breaking news on your mobile Dial 58888041 toll free to subscribe Rs.7 for seven days
Tirupathi Live Aarti On Usage Live Aarti and Sevas from Tirumala Tirupathi on your phone. Dial 55223 (tollfree) and listen to live option. Deactivation Code 55223001 Day 1 Rs.5 thereafter Rs.2/day
VAS SMS charges On Usage Person to application SMS for all contests. NA Rs 3/SMS unless specified pricing in the media source.
Voice SMS On Usage Now add emotions to your sms by sending a Voice SMS. To send a Voice SMS to any mobile number in India Just prefix * to the 10-digit mobile number and call. Record your message after the beep. You can record your message maximum upto 30 sec. After recording your message just press # or disconnect the call. The system records your voice and sends it to the person for whom you have left a Voice SMS. You can send a Voice SMS message to any mobile number in your circle by dialing * and suffixing it with the recipients mobile number (*9xxxxxxxxx), Depositing a voice message-Re 0.75 2.Retriving VSMS 1st time(*0*)-Toll free 3 Retrive VSMS 2nd time onwards (*1*) Re.0.75 4. Sending reply Re. 0.75 per VSMS 5. Forward a VSMS Re.0.75
Zoom Bollywood gossip pack On Usage Get spicy and juicy bollywood gossip news by subscribing to Zoom Bollywood pack. Call 58888044 toll free Rs.7 for 7 days
airtel fun world On Usage Just dial 543212 & speak your request:to download ringtones, dedicate songs, check cricket scores, listen to jokes, astrology and news etc. Dial 543212 Rs. 6/min
airtel live alerts On Usage Airtel offers a range of services right on your SIM Card. Access loads of fun content and exciting services like cricket, stocks, jokes, Star Peep at the touch of a few buttons To get new services, choose Whats new option on your SIM under Airtel Live services menu. Rs.3/sms
easyBuy Platform Optional Only on selfcare (*567# and Call center upsell) we are offering RC25 2G pack with 33% extra i.e. 200MB valid for 5 days as against retail offering 150 MB valid for 5 Days Dial *567*25# 25
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