voucher rates

Tariffs plans that are available in Tamil+Nadu

Recharge Coupon Options

MSC (Rs) Calling Value (Rs) Processing Fee (Rs) Service tax (Rs) Validitiy (days) Grace Period (days) Approximate Minutes Of Usage
9 50MB 2G Internet (1 day) 8.01 0.99 NA
till 11.59 p.m
9 Unlimited 2G NIGHT (1 day) 8.01 0.99 NA
till 11.59 p.m
9 Unlimited Local A2A NIGHT (1 day) 8.01 0.99 NA
till 11.59 p.m
9 Unlimited STD A2A NIGHT (1 day) 8.01 0.99 NA
till 11.59 p.m
10 7.90 1 1.10 UNLIMITED
till 11.59 p.m
20 15.80 2 2.20 UNLIMITED
till 11.59 p.m
25 100MB 3G Internet ( 3 days ) 22.25 2.75 NA
till 11.59 p.m
25 125MB 2G Internet ( 4 days ) 22.25 2.75 NA
till 11.59 p.m
25 25 Full talktime ( 3 days ) 22.25 2.75 NA
till 11.59 p.m
25 STD mobile calls at 35p/min ( 21 days ) 22.25 2.75 NA
till 11.59 p.m
25 100MB FB(15 days) 22.25 2.75 NA
till 11.59 p.m
30 23.70 3 3.30 UNLIMITED
till 11.59 p.m
45 150 MB 3G with 5 days validity 40.05 4.95 5 days
till 11.59 p.m
50 41.50 3 5.50 UNLIMITED
till 11.59 p.m
99 400 MB 3G with 14 days validity 88.11 10.89 14 days
till 11.59 p.m
100 86 3 11 UNLIMITED
till 11.59 p.m
119 119 Full talktime + 10 A2A LOCAL SMS 105.91 13.09 3 days ( for SMS )
till 11.59 p.m
126 650MB 3G Internet ( 14 days ) 112.14 13.86 NA
till 11.59 p.m
126 650MB 2G Internet ( 21 days ) 112.14 13.86 NA
till 11.59 p.m
299 299 Full talktime + 10 A2A LOCAL SMS 266.11 32.89 3 days ( for SMS ), Talk time goes to Main Account
till 11.59 p.m

Easy charge Denominations

Easy charge is an exclusive and paperless recharge facility that gives you complete freedom to for any value anytime, anywhere. What's more, you can choose recharge values that suit your need starting from Rs 10 till Rs 10,000. You can also recharge your prepaid while roaming anywhere across the country. Here`s how it works

  • On your request, the dealer will directly recharge your card using his mobile.
  • Just mention your Airtel number and the amount you wish to recharge.
  • Both you and your dealer will receive an SMS in a few seconds confirming the recharge.
  • Just pay your dealer and your transaction is complete.
  • Do make sure that the dealer enters your correct mobile number and the amount you wish to recharge.
  • You can dial *123# from your Airtel phone and your current balance will be automatically displayed on your handset screen for a short duration.

Easy Recharge

Denomination (Range) TalkTime Range Value (Rs) Processing Service tax(Rs) Validity (days)
4 All Local Calls 1p/s 3.56 0.44 3 Days
7 IC Charged @ 10p/min on Roamin, Local OG @ Rs 0.80/min and STD OG @ Rs 1.15/min 6.14 0.86 1 Days
8 25 MB 3G 6.02 0.98 Till midnight
10 Rs.7.77 Talktime 1 1.23 Unlimited
11 STD Mobile @ 35p/min 9.65 1.35 7 Days
14 Nepal/Srilanka at 10ps/sec, Saudi at 11Ps/sec, UAE/Kuwait at 12ps/sec, Yemen at 15ps/sec 12.28 1.72 28 days
15 Local airtel at 10p/min, other local at 30p/min 13.16 1.84 2 days
16 Local Airtel 20p/m Other Local & STD 35p/m 14.24 1.76 3 Days
17 100 MB 2G 13.91 2.09 3 Days
18 1500 A2A SMS (1000 Local+500 National) 14.79 2.21 28 Days
19 South STD mobile calls at 35p/min (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala) 16.67 2.33 28 days
20 Rs.15.54 Talktime 2 2.46 Unlimited
22 Singapore at 2ps/Sec and Malaysia at 3ps/sec 19.3 2.7 28 days
23 Local Mobile at 1p/sec 20.18 2.82 28 days
24 ISD Pack- US/Can@Rs1/min + more. Refer link below 21.05 2.95 28 days
25 125 MB 2G 20.93 3.07 5 days
26 75 Local SMS/day (1st 2 sms/day charged @ 49 Ps) 22.81 3.19 28 days
27 STD mobile at 35p/min 23.68 3.32 28 days
28 100 MB 3G 23.56 3.44 3 Days
29 First 200 STD Mobile Mins at 25p/min , post at 35p/min 25.44 3.56 28 days
30 Rs.23.32 Talktime 3 3.68 Unlimited
33 IC Charged @ 10p/min on Roamin, Local OG @ Rs 0.80/min and STD OG @ Rs 1.15/min 28.95 4.05 14 Days
34 150MB Facebook browsing + 5MB Free browsing at 2G Speed 28.82 4.18 15 days
36 90 Local+National SMS/day (1st 2 sms/day charged @ 49 Ps) 31.58 4.42 28 Days
39 USA and Canada at 1ps/Sec for applicable codes 34.21 4.79 28 days
44 225 MB 2G 37.6 5.4 7 days
45 150 MB 3G 38.47 5.53 5 Days
46 All local mobiles @ 40p/min 40.35 5.65 28 days
49 2800 SMS (2300 Local+500 National) 41.98 6.02 28 days
50 Rs.40.86 Talktime 3 6.14 Unlimited
54 First 150 STD Mobile Mins at 10p/min,Post at 35p/min 46.37 6.63 28 days
55 Rs. 45.95 Talk Time and 5 Mins (2 days) 2.3 6.75 Unlimited
59 50 talktime, 60MB 2G data 50.75 7.25 2 days (talktime unlimited)
60 Rs.49.63 Talktime 3 7.37 Unlimited
61 75 Local+National SMS/day (1st 2 sms/day charged @ 49 Ps) 53.51 7.49 56 days
66 66 Talktime , 5 local A2A night minutes 57.89 8.1 5 Days
67 Local A2A 20p/min 58.77 8.23 28 days
69 Local mobile at 35p/min 60.53 8.47 28 days
71 22 Mins to US/ Canada/ Singapore/ Malaysia 61.28 8.72 30 Days
72 Roaming Tariff - Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min. SMS(local/National/international) Rs0.25/0.38/5.00 63.16 8.84 30 Days
73 Local/STD mobile at 2p/sec, Local/STD Landline at 2.5p/sec 64.04 8.96 90 days
76 STD mobile at 35p/min 66.67 9.33 75 days
77 77 TalkTime with Local and STD Mob Calls@25p/m. 66.54 9.46 3 Days
79 Local Airtel Mobile Calls at 10p/m 69.3 9.7 15 Days
84 Local airtel at 20p/min, Other Local mobile at 40p/min 73.68 10.32 28 days
85 Local mobile at 30p/min 74.56 10.44 28 Days
86 Rs.50 Talk Time in main + 150 MB 2G Data 25.44 10.56 10 Days
89 Local mobile at 35p/min, STD at 40p/min 78.07 10.93 28 days
91 100 TalkTime for Voice Calls, 5 Local A2A Night Minutes (1 day) 78.82 11.18 4 Days
92 6000 SMS (5000 Local+1000 National) 79.7 11.3 60 days
94 150 Local + STD Mins 81.46 11.54 7 Days
97 Local airtel mobile at 15p/min 85.09 11.91 28 days
98 500 MB 2G 84.96 12.04 14 days
100 Rs.84.72 Talktime 3 12.28 unlimited
101 400 MB 3G 87.6 12.4 14 days
105 200 STD Minutes 1.66 12.89 7 Days
109 Local A2A 10p/m Local A2M 30p/m Mobile Calls 95.61 13.39 15 Days
110 Rs.93.34 Talktime 0 13.51 Unlimited
111 Rs.111 Talk Time for Voice Calls, 5 Local A2A Night Minutes (14 day) 96.37 13.63 14 Days
115 Local airtel calls at 10p/min 100.88 14.12 28 Days
119 Rs. 100 Talktime (main account) and 120 MB 3G/2G 4.39 14.61 4 days
120 Rs.102.26 Talktime 3 14.74 NA
124 124 Talktime, 5 night local A2A mins 108.77 15.2 12 days
125 Local airtel mobile at 15p/min, Local mobile at 35p/min 109.65 15.35 28 days
126 650 MB 2G 109.53 15.47 21 days
127 650 MB 3G 110.4 15.6 14 days
135 20 Minutes to Nepal 117.42 16.58 30 Days
137 137 TalkTime with Local and STD Mob Calls @25p/m 119.18 16.82 3 Days
144 250 Local + STD Mins 125.32 17.68 10 Days
145 Local airtel at 10p/min, other local at 30p/min 127.19 17.81 28 Days
149 1 GB 2G 129.7 18.3 28 days
152 60 ISD Minutes to 31 Countries** 132.33 18.67 15 days
169 Local Mobile at 35p/min 148.25 20.75 70 days
177 177 TalkTime with Local and STD Mob Calls@25p/m 154.26 21.74 3 Days
179 All local Mobile @ 35p/min 157.02 21.98 90 days
188 Roaming Tariff - Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min with Talk Time 120 in main A/c 44.91 23.09 28 Days
197 1GB 3G Data 171.81 24.19 28 days
199 Upto 2 GB @ 2G Speed, 2GB to 4GB @ 40kbps, post 4GB Unlimited @ 10 kbps 173.56 24.44 28 days
200 Rs.172.44 Talktime 3 24.56 Unlimited
204 Local airtel at 20p/min, Other Local mobile at 40p/min 178.95 25.05 70 days
215 Local mobile at 30p/min 188.6 26.4 70 days
225 1GB 3G + 150 MB Facebook 196.37 27.63 28 days
229 All local Mobile @ 30p/min 200.88 28.12 90 days
230 TT as Rs.215 0 28.25 NA
235 Local airtel mobile at 15p/min 206.14 28.86 70 days
244 400 Local + STD Mins 213.04 29.96 15 Days
248 Local Airtel mobile @ 15p/min 217.54 30.46 90 days
250 Talk Time 250 0 30.7 NA
254 1GB 3G + 150 MB Facebook + 200 MB Whatsapp 221.81 31.19 28 days
255 1.5 GB 3G 222.68 31.32 28 days
295 Local airtel mobile at 10p/min 258.77 36.23 70 days
300 Rs.300 Talktime 0 36.84 Unlimited
306 FTT 306 with Roaming Tariff - Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min 0 37.58 28 Days
315 Local Airtel mobile @ 10p/min 276.32 38.68 90 days
349 Local Airtel @15p/min and Other Local Mobile @35p/min 306.14 42.86 90 days
350 Rs.350 Talktime 0 42.98 Unlimited
374 Local airtel mobile at 10p/min, local other mobile at 30p/min 328.07 45.93 70 days
375 2.5 GB 3G 327.95 46.05 28 days
390 Rs.390 Talktime 0 47.89 Unlimited
398 Local Airtel @10p/min and Other Local Mobile @30p/min 349.12 48.88 90 days
451 3GB 3G Unlimited (80kbps) Data 394.61 55.39 28 days
500 Rs.500 Talktime 0 61.4 Unlimited
601 Upto 3.75 GB @ 3G speed, 3.75 GB to 5.75 GB @ 80kbps, post 5.75 GB Unlimited @ 10 kbps 526.8083859 74.19161415 28 Days
700 Rs.700 Talktime 0 85.96 Unlimited
751 5GB 3G Unlimited (80kbps) Data 657.77 92.23 28 days
955 Upto 7 GB @ 3G speed, 7 GB to 9 GB @ 80kbps, post 9 GB Unlimited @ 10 kbps 836.72 117.28 28 Days
1000 1025 Main A/c Talktime 0 122.81 Unlimited
1298 6GB 3G 1137.6 159.4 60 Days
1500 Rs.1500 Talktime 0 184.21 Unlimited
1555 Upto 12 GB @ 3G speed, 12 GB to 14 GB @ 80kbps, post 14 GB Unlimited @ 10 kbps 1363.04 190.96 28 Days
2251 12GB 3G 1973.56 276.44 90 Days
3000 3100 Main A/c Talktime 0 368.42 Unlimited
5000 5200 Main A/c Talktime 0 614.04 Unlimited
10000 10500 Main A/c Talktime 0 1228.07 Unlimited

*RC24 - US/Canada at Rs1/min, UK(Fixed) at Rs1.5/min, Singapore/Malaysia at Rs2.5/min, Bangladesh at Rs1.8/min, Sri Lanka/Kuwait/Bahrain/Saudi Arabia at Rs6.50/min, Nepal at Rs6/min, Yemen/UAE at Rs9/min, China/South Korea at Rs4/min, UK(Mobile) at Rs7/min, Russia FIxed, Romania Fixed, Greece, Spain, France at Rs5/min. Few codes in these countries are excluded.

**ISD Pack - RC 152 - Argentina Fixed, Australia Fixed, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil Fixed, Canada, China, Czech Fixed, Denmark Fixed, France Fixed, Germany Fixed, Greece Fixed, Hong Kong, Ireland Fixed, Italy Fixed, Malaysia, Mexico Fixed, Morocco Fixed, Netherlands Fixed, New Zealand Fixed, Russia Fixed, Singapore, South Korea, Spain Fixed, Sweden Fixed, Switzerland Fixed, Taiwan Fixed, Thailand, Turkey Fixed, U.K. Fixed, USA

Disclaimer - All daily / per day recharge packs will be valid till 12:00 midnight.
2G: post free usage charges applicable are 10p/10kb
3G: post free usage charges applicable are 4p/10kb

Select Service


Type of
Description How to Access Prepaid
*222*05# Optional Local:Rs0.80/min, STD:Rs1.15p/m, incoming free, SMS(local/National/international):Rs0.25/0.38/5.00, validity 1day (till midnight of date of recharge) USSD *222*05# Rs8
121311 Optional 121311 is a special toll free service provided to customers, to know their special tariff offer. Dial 121311 from your airtel mobile to know your special tariff offer. toll free
121312 Optional 121312 is a special toll free service provided to customers ,to know their special full talktime offer. Dial 121312 from airtel mobile to know your special talktime offer. Toll free
5 in 1 SPORTS PACK Optional Stay connected with the NDTV 5 in 1 Sports Pack for the latest action on Football, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey and Motorsports. Dial 53515 or sms SUB SPO to 566670 Rs 3/ day
Airtel Call Manager Optional With this service one can keep their loved ones informed when user is in meeting,driving,roamingor busy for particular duration and can not take calls.

An SMS will alert user of those trying to reach can decide when to call back.
Activation Modes

(1) SMS CM to 52323. (2) Dial *323#.

(3) Call 52323.

(4) Visit cm.airtel.in

Or download the App by sending CM to 52323.

User will also get SMS alerts for all calls on mobile when anyone tries calling.
Rs 30/month, Rs 3/SMS
Airtel Live! Portal On Usage Make your mobile the most happening entertainment destination! with Airtel Live!. Download latest ringtones, true tones, games, wallpapers and many more goodies. To Activate - SMS FUN to 54321 or Live to 2567 Content download charges apply.
Astrol Live Optional LOVE/MONEY/CAREER/PROPERTY/CHILDREN and so much more from the Qualified Astrologers Dail 55315 Charges Rs.9/min
Blackout SMS(2015) On Usage Blackout Days 2015: 1. New Years(1st Jan 2015)
2. Pongal (15th Jan 2015)
3. Choti Diwali (9th Nov 2015)
4. Diwali (10th Nov 2015)
5. New Years (31st December 2015)
No FREE sms applicable on SMS Blackout days and SMS will get charge as per the customer tariff.
This applicable for Both Prepaid & Postpaid Customers
NA Standard SMS charges applicable
Call Conference Charges Optional This service allows you to talk to 5 people at the same time making it ideal for organising events or discussing business. NA NA
Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) Optional CLIP displays the calling partyA??s number on your handset screen giving you the flexibility to either reject or take the call. Give in your request at the nearest ARC. NA
Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) Optional CLIR restricts your number on the calling partyA??s phone even if they have CLIP activated. Give in your request along with no objection certificate from local police at the nearest ARC. Not Available
Conversion from Post-Paid to Prepaid Optional Convert your Post-Paid subscription to Prepaid with ease. Give in your request at the nearest ARC. NA
Conversion from Prepaid to Postpaid Optional Convert your Prepaid to Post-Paid subscription with ease. Give in your request at the nearest ARC. No activation charge, security deposit as applicable
Daily rental boosters on USSD On Usage All prepaid customers, who wish to subscribe to the SVV packs can do so by dialing a specified USSD No. and on doing so a daily rental will be charged to the customer. The customer if he wishes can deactivate the Daily rental by dialing a specified USSD No. 1 - To activate Local Airtel to Airtel calls @ 10 ps, dial *555*10#.Charges Rs 3/day. To deactivate dial *555*10*1#
2 - To activate Local Airtel to Airtel calls @ 20 ps, dial *555*20#.Charges Rs 2/day. To deactivate dial *555*20*1#
3 - To activate Local Airtel to Airtel calls @ 30 ps, dial *555*30#.Charges Rs 1/day. To deactivate dial *555*30*1#
Fantasy Stories Optional Fantasy Stories is a one stop destination to enjoy dramatized fictional stories from various genres like Raat Baaki, Romance, Thriller, Horror, Comedy and Family Drama Activation Modes
*646*245# or 55011

Text STOP to 155223
Fax and Data service Optional Take your office wherever with AirTels Fax and Data service. You can send and receive data/fax documents through your mobile, access the internet, email accounts and corporate databases on the move. NA NA
Friends Chat Optional The product aims at helping individuals to make new friends amongst all the airtel users across India that too without disclosing their mobile number/identity. The products allows a register user to have a anonymous live voice chat with other like minded people on service. Via IVR - 543216 @ Rs 3/min & 5432160 (Tollfree)
SMS: Sending keyword Sub to 543216 (toll free sms)
Rs30/20 days, Call Charges Rs. 3/min
Friendz Chat Optional Now get a new life and make new friends with AIrtel Friendz Chat.The product aims at helping individuals to make new friends amongst all the Airtel users across India that too without disclosing their mobile number/identity. To subscribe- SMS SUB to 543216 (TOLL FREE) OR Call 543216(Rs 3/min) OR Dial *321*6# Rs30/20 days, Call Charges Rs 3/min
HT 10/MONTH Optional HT @ Rs 10/month only. Offer applicable to customers who have not used HT for the last 6months. 1st song is free. Through OBD Rs 10/month
Hello Tune Advance Rental Plans Optional Hello tunes subscription is also available in quarterly, half-yearly and yearly packs These packs can be taken through Call centre or Airtel website Subscription Charges - Rs 75 for 3 months, Rs 150 for 6 months, Rs 250 for 12 months and additional Song Download Charges: Rs 15/90 days
Hello Tunes Optional Welcome your callers with your favorite song when they call you. You can play different Hello Tunes for different callers,
set special hello tunes for your friends, spouse and business associates.
Just dial 578785 to choose the song of your choice 578785 calling charges Rs.3/min, Subscription Rs.36/month, Rs.15/Hello Tune
IPL T20 2015 Optional Dial 543212601 subscribe to match day pack @Rs5/Match day Dial 543212601 Toll free
Job alerts On Usage Need a Job? Introducing jobs alerts on mobile.Based on your profile & get daily jobs alerts.Jobs powered by Naukri.com, Monster.com & clickjob.com Dial *321*661# & Activate job alerts. To deactivate dial *321*661# Rs5 for 5 days
Jobs Optional User Can get job alerts on his mobile phone Dial *321*661# Rs 10/7 days
Live Aarti Optional Provides user an option to listen live feeds of , gurbani, prayers from prominent holy shrines on their mobile.This service gives users an experience of virtual presence at at the temple/place of worship premises and feel him/her connected to actual prayersactivities happening at the temple at the that point in time when the devotee has called up the service. Dial 55200- IVR & USSD-*321*284# Rs 30/15days
MMS On Usage AirTels MMS [Multi-media Messaging Service] turns your messages into a visual experience To Activate MMS, A MMS to 202 Rs.5/MMS
MMS Subscription Optional Daily rental Rs 3 with two MMS free. Dial * 333*121# to access this service Rs 3/day
Matrimony Optional User can subcribe to the service and get suitable matches for marriage Dial *321*11# Rs 10/7 days
Missed Call Alert Optional Get updates of all calls you miss if your phone is switched off or you are unreachable. Next time someone tries to call you while you away you will receive a SMS notification as soon as you are back in the coverage area, or when you switch on your phone To activate dial 54888 or just dial *321*881# for monthly Charges : Rs.15 per month. (For New SIM Activation, Free of Charge)
Mobile Office On Easy Recharge Optional RC 23
Weekly Rental: Rs.23
Free MB: 15 MB
Validity: 14 days
Post Free Usage: 10p/10KB
Mode of Recharge: LAPU
These packs are Applicable for all Prepaid Customers for both Chennai & ROTN
All plans including Booster Plans can avail the above RCs .
Post the free MB in any of the above mentioned RCs,customers will be charged 10p/10KB

Customers can also do multiple recharges. After the respective recharge, inorder to start using the internet, Customers will have to be active on GPRS base Plan , if customers are not active they will have to dial *567*11# to activate the zero rental GPRS plan & then can access internet via the pack activated
This is not an Auto renewal plan,post the validity of plans customers will have to recharge again
These plans are available only on Easy Recharge
Rs 23 for 15MB
Music Search On Usage Hello tune as a product enables the user to project his personality by means of playing his favorite song to his callers. Now we present the next level of content discovery. Airtel Music Search where you just record a 10 Sec Clip of the song you hear to set the song as your hello tunes. 1 - Customer Dial 5432151( Toll Free)
2 - Prompt tells him to hold the handset in front of the source of music for 15 Secs.
3 - After recording the clip for 15 Secs. IVR drops the call.
4 - Customer gets a message from 5432151 mentioning the details of the song and charges.
5 - Customer has to reply with his consent and hello tune is provisioned accordingly.
5432151 is toll free. HT download is 15/month. Subscription charges 36/month (only for new customers)
Music Store Optional The Music Mobile Web Portal service(Airtel Music Store) offers song download to suit consumers within operator network spread across geographies and demographics. The flexibility in terms of charging options, music catalogue, and intuitive user experience makes it more appealing to the consumers. Option 1: Call 51160 Toll Free
Option 2: SMS your favorite song name to 51160
Option 3: Dial *646*646#

Methods of Un-subscription - In compliance with TRAIs Direction No. 303-1/2006-QOS dated 30th October 2007, the following toll free options are available to the customer to unsubscribe the VAS by sending sms STOP to 121 or dial *121*5#
Rs.3 per day or Rs.10 for song download. Dial *646*646# for monthly pack : Rs 30/30days. Usage Charges nil
My Tunes Optional Now Listen to songs of your choice on every call you make To Activate: Dial 54345 @ 2p/Sec Rs.15/15 Days
NDTV hello tune. Optional Call 5432113, set NDTV news as your hello tune. Call 5432113(Tollfree) Rs36/30 days, tune change Rs15/90 days
Night Radio Optional Airtel brings you Night Radio where you can listen to songs from 10pm to 7am To activate Call on 55170 Rental Rs10/month, Browsing Charges 20paise/minute
Number Change On Usage If at any time, for any reason, you would like to change your mobile number, please let us know. We will not only change it, will try to give a number of your choice. Give in your request at the nearest ARC. NA
Premium Numbers Optional Both existing and non mobile owners are eligible for these premium mobile numbers. Walk up to the nearest ARC and check the availability of your preferred mobile numbers. Give in your request at the nearest ARC. As per number tag
Psychological Counselling Optional Psychological Counselling offers help to overcome difficult phases in life or any emotional or psychological distress you might be facing.
Counsellors are trained professionals to help you in variety of issues like, personal or job related stress, relationship issues, family conflicts, anger management, depression, anxiety, parenting, separation and loss, self-confidence building etc.
Dial 51100 Charges Rs 9/min
Railway Enquiry Optional Call 139xx for PNR Status, Arrival/ Departure, Accommodation Availability, Fare Enquiry, Ticket Booking through Credit/ Debit Card, SMS Ticket Booking Helpline or Meal Booking.

SMS for PNR Status, Train Arrival/Departure, Train Current Position, Meal Request in Train, Seat Availability, Tatkal Seat Availability, Fare Enquiry, Train Schedule, Trains Between Two Stations, Next Train, Time Table, Platform Information & Ticket Booking. For Help on SMS ticket keywords type HELP and send it to 139

Airtel Customers can now dial *139# for Railway Enquiry. The following information is available:
1. PNR Status 2. Arrival/ Departure of Trains (Train Schedule) 3. SPOT TRAIN 4.Seat Availability 5. Fare Enquiry. 6. TRAIN NO/Name enquiry 7. TRAIN timetable 8. Train schedule.
For IVR Call 139xx
For USSD Dial *139#
SMS as below
For PNR Status SMS PNR (PNR No) , Train Arrival/Departure SMS AD (Tr No) (Stn STD Code) , Train Current Position SMS SPOT (Tr No), Meal Request in Train SMS MEAL (PNR No), Seat Avail SEAT (Tr No) (Dt ddmmyy) (From Stn STD Code) (To Stn STD code) (Class) (Quota) to, Tatkal Seat Avail SMS TSEAT (Tr No) (Dt ddmmyy) (To Stn Code) (To Stn Code) (Class), TimeTable SMS TIME (Tr No) , Train Name/Number SMS TN (Tr No/ Name) , Next Train SMS NEXT (From Stn Code) (To Stn Code) , Train Route SMS ROUTE(Tr No),Station Code CODE(Stn Name) , Train Schedule SMS SCHEDULE(Tr No) , Fare Enquiry SMS FARE (Tr No) (Dt ddmmyy) (From Stn STD Code) (To Stn STD code) (Class) (Quota) , Trains Between Two Stations SMS TRAIN (From Stn Code) (To Stn Code) , Help on SMS Ticket Booking SMS HELP OR TKT
Call @ Rs.2 per min, SMS @ Rs 3 per SMS, dialing *139# is toll free with Rs 3 per query
SIM Replacement Optional In event of a damage or loss of your SIM, we provide you with a replacement to ensure your immediate accessibility needs are met. Get your lost / damaged SIM replaced at the nearest ARC NA
SMS On Usage Make arrangements share moments or just say hello, text messaging is a fast and convenient way to keep in touch. NA Local Re.1, National Rs.1.5, International Rs.5.00
SMS 2.0 Optional SMS2.0 is a A??Free UpgradeA?? to the SMS application. Once downloaded, it enhances messaging capabilities of the existing SMS application through lots of A??coolA?? features like Font colous, Background colours, Emoticons and lots more To upgrade send SMS2 to 543210. Available on select handsets Toll Free
SMS capping Optional As per TRAI regulation, wef 26th Nov 2012, DISCOUNTED sms sending is limited to 100SMS/Day on Prepaid. Beyond 100 customer will get charge at the standard rate NA NA
SMS to 58888, 58243, 57333 etc. On Usage A host of services are available on SMS. Download ringtones, wallpapers, logos and a lot more through SMS. NA Rs3/SMS sent
Special SMS Optional A host of services are available on SMS. Download ringtones, wallpapers, logos and a lot more through SMS SMS MENU to 58888,58243,51515,57333, 56161 Rs3/SMS sent
T20 Cricket 2015 Optional Dial 543212601 subscribe to match day pack @Rs5/Match day Dial 543212601(Tollfree) Dial 543212601 subscribe to match day pack @Rs5/Match day
Talkies Optional World of Movies Entertainment in 13 languages - Talkies, Super hit Movies, Movie Trailers/Previews, Songs, Dialogues & much more. User can initiate the Request by dialing on Short code 51010 or 50101 accordingly can subscribe for the Services & in return will get the desired service content or USSD *321*510# Rs.30/450 mins FREE / 20 Days
Vanga vellalam Optional Vanga vellalam club presents, drive your dream car contest, call 55000 and play to win 6001 prizes at Rs5 per day. Get a chance to win Maruti Suzuki Alto car as a bumper prize. Offer valid from 19th July 15 to 16th Sep 15 call 55000 (Tollfree) at Rs5 per day To subscribe call 55000 (Tollfree) at Rs5 per day
Video Call On Usage Make video calls on your 3G enabled handset Video calling facility will be activated by default once customer is activated on 3G 5p/sec, valid on local, STD and roaming
Voice SMS On Usage Now add emotions to your sms by sending a Voice SMS. To send a Voice SMS to any mobile number in India Just prefix * to the 10-digit mobile number and call. Record your message after the beep. You can record your message maximum upto 30 sec. After recording your message just press # or disconnect the call. The system records your voice and sends it to the person for whom you have left a Voice SMS. You can send a Voice SMS message to any mobile number in your circle by dialing * and suffixing it with the recipients mobile number (*9xxxxxxxxx) 1.Depositing a VSMS re.0.75. 2. Retrieve 1st time (*0*) -toll free 3.Retrieve 2nd time onwards (*1*) -re.0.75. 4. sending reply re.0.75. 5.forwarding re.0.75
Voice Search on Hello Tune Optional Simple way to search for songs of your choice & set as Hello Tunes Just Dial 543215 Song Download charges Rs 15/Song
use more gain more offer On Usage Send SMSes on 15th Jan and get special VAS offers free.Offer applicable for select customers. 1 - Send 10 SMS and get 10 days of Movie pack free. 2 - Send 25 SMS and get 10 days of Talkies free. 3 - Send 50 SMS and get 10 days of Jokes Pack free. NA
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