Delhi NCR - Malaysia

Operator Celcom
  • Local Calls

    • Voice (Rs/Min) 50 50 50 50
  • Call Back to India

    • Voice (Rs/Min) 150 150 150 150
  • Incoming Call

    • Voice (Rs / Min.) 75 75 75 75
  • SMS

    • SMS Outgoing (Rs/SMS)
      (1 SMS=160 characters)
      25 25 25 25
  • GPRS

    • GPRS Tariffs (Rs/MB) 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0
      GPRS Description Rs 6.50 per 10kb (3G Available) Rs 6.50 per 10kb(3G Available) Rs 6.50 per 10kb(3G Available) Rs 6.50 per 10kb (3G Available)
  • Additional Information

    • Customer Care 60193000900 60162211800 60374922123 6018 388 1318
      Handset Display MY Celcom, Celcom,502 19 DiGi / DiGi 1800 / MYMT18 MY maxis,MY 012 ,50 212 U Mobile,MYS 18,50 218,My 18
      Network Frequency GSM 900/1800 MHz GSM 900/ 1800 MHz GSM 900 MHz GSM 1900 MHz
      Network Code 50219 50216 50212 50218
      Country Code 60 60 60 60
      Tariff Update Date 21-March-14 21-March-14 21-March-14 21-March-14
Footnotes :
Tariffs are indicative and subject to change without prior notice.

Changes in price / call rates due to currency fluctuations shall be nonnegotiable and Airtel shall not be liable to adjust or waive off the amount. Caller Line Identification Number (CLI) is not guaranteed while roaming.

Calls made to any country other than India / Maritime / Satellite / Ship Cruise or Immarsat when on international roaming would be charged as per tariffs applicable on the roaming network All GPRS (Airtel live/ Mobile Office / Blackberry/ MMS) usage is charged based on Volume of data sent or received.

Your local unlimited plan for GPRS/Blackberry is not valid overseas.
Charging Scenario may differ for some of the International partners a. TDC Denmark charges for unsuccessful call attempts @ 0.35 Danish Krone. b. AT&T USA charge for unanswered mobile originated calls of greater than 30 seconds at applicable rates. c. TMobile USA Ring time associated with the creation of a call is a part of chargeable event. d AT&T Maritime services charge for incoming SMS. e.Pulse,Guam charges for unsuccessful calls of greater then 60secs @ 0.65 USD. f.Telenor,Denmark charges for unsuccessfull call attempts @ 0.23 Danish Krone.

Customers with 3G capable handsets will be able to connect to the 3G networks of select operators and will get 3G speeds. Please note that download speeds can vary depending on network conditions. Only 3G enabled phones including 3G Blackberry & 3G data card work in Japan & Korea.

Video Calls are NOT guaranteed on international roaming but might be successful in some networks Video Calls if successful will be charged as per the visited network tariff Type of calls (Outgoing local / national / international, incoming) allowed will be controlled by the roaming partner.

Monthly rental of Rs 149 per month will be applicable for international roaming facility.
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