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airtel gives you the freedom to interact with your world in the Air, just as you would on the ground.
airtel & AeroMobile bring you in-flight connectivity. airtel subscribers can now use their Mobile Phones in-flight to keep in touch with colleagues, customers, friends and family just as they would when roaming abroad. No additional subscription is needed. Simply switch on your mobile phone in-flight to access GSM services.
You will be billed directly o your cell phone account as when roaming internationally.
usage area:
The Airtel in-flight mobile service is presently available on 170 specially equipped aircraft which operate on over 250 flights every day across the following airlines like Emirates Airlines,Virgin Atlantic,Malaysia Airlines,Gulf Air,Lufthansa, Transaero & Etihad.These aircraft cover over 100 destinations across the globe and operate on routes into Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East , Australia, USA and Caribbean.
services available:
voice & short messaging service (SMS)
GPRS & Blackberry Services
For details visit – www.airtel.in/ir (Country – AIR)

• Use of mobile phones will be permitted during the cruise phase of flight ONLY, consistent with existing guidelines for use of portable       electronic devices.
• The exact details of use will be determined by the individual airline.
• Cabin crew will typically notify passengers in-flight when it is appropriate to use a Mobile device.
• For flight details/schedules please contact the respective airline. The AeroMobile service is NOT permitted over the Indian Air Space.
• Check with Cabin Crew to confirm if your flight features the AeroMobile service.

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Monthly relocation plans
Rental* Incoming calls Free outgoing minutes
(local & STD) for mobile & fixed line
199 Free 400 min
299 Free 900 min
399 Free 1300 mins
599 Free 2200 mins
*A base rental of Rs. 99 will be added to your monthly rental. For example, if you opt for the 199
relocation plan, your total rental will be Rs. 298 (Rs. 99 + Rs. 199).