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know your broadband

airtel broadband allows you to conveniently expand your reach and increase efficiency from comforts of your home.

through this booklet, we would like to facilitate your experience on the web. We would also help you stay connected through basic troubleshooting steps, in an unfortunate event of services not working.

airtel broadband

installation checklist

awarness about these items will ensure a satisfactory installation

  • broadband user id and password (refer section 2 – recommended)
  • NetXpert installed & its features explained (refer section 5)
  • education about Centralized Authentication System (CAS) setup (refer section 2.2)
  • speed test through airtel speed-test sites
  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP)* & Smartbytes option (refer section 4 on how to check consumption percentage of broadband usage quota)
  • modem display lights & basic troubleshooting
  • warranty period of the modem
data limit consumption available speed available limit
within limit of bill plan as per your chosen bill plan as per your chosen bill plan
beyond limit of bill plan 512 Kbps or 256 Kbps, as per your bill plan. Option to buy smartbytes at unlimited usage and will be charged as per your bill plan browsing rates


kindly switch OFF your modem/router when not in use, to avoid misuse.
Broadband performance - the speed may vary depending on house layout and type of modem (for Wi-Fi). The quality of internal wiring of your premises can also impact the broadband output.

airtel broadband

broadband log-in security

2.1 changing password

a) broadband password can be changed directly via Netxpert tool (refer section 5 below on Netxpert)

b) device authentication (Wi-Fi) password change:

I. open browser and type

II. provide username : admin

III. password : "password" or account number of the connection

IV. go to interface setup, then wireless tab

V. click on "Authentication type"

VI. select "WPA-PSK" and enter pre-shared key (password) in alpha numeric – minimum 8 characters

airtel broadband

2.2 CAS (Central Authentication System) installation step
(only for Beetel & Binatone modems)

  • visit
  • register using your existing broadband id and password (in case you do not know your broadband id and password, call 121 to get the same)

    - firmware version of Wi-Fi device should be: for Binatone firmware DT4W-A5.008, for Beetel firmware TM-0Q-025 (latest firmware can be checked on supplier portal)
  • - if modem upgrade is required, call the Call Center(121) or the Field engineer
  • download & install airtel Wi -Fi security & configuration dialer software
  • create unique username and password (one master account and 3 child account for unique PC's)
  • access the internet using your new username & password
airtel broadband

content: how much is 1 GB and 1 MB?

  • download of an MP3 song of 45 sec duration = 1024kb = 1 MB
  • a 5 min duration MP3 song download = 6.6 MB (approx)
  • 10 minutes duration YouTube video viewing (depending on its content) can range from 30-35 MB (approx)
  • a 140 min duration movie download (in .AVI format) = 700 MB (approx)
  • a 290 min duration of YouTube video viewing = 1 GB (approx)
airtel broadband

account management: my account

we recommend you to immediately create a my account user id & password by visiting

'my account' will deliver following services instantly:

  • display consumption % of broadband data limit
  • bill details, amount due & due date, along with online payment options
  • last 5 months bills in PDF format
  • itemised call & broadband usage statements & bill analysis (including tagging of personal calls)
  • raising a service request or converting to e-bill
airtel broadband

NetXpert: your FREE on-line broadband genius

airtel broadband brings you FREE best in class self-healing & troubleshooting intelligence, right on your desktop.

  • helps troubleshoot browsing related issues- tracks failure step-by-step from PC to modem to network elements
  • broadband password change without calling call center or installing dialer software
  • automatically configure wireless service by enabling wireless adaptor & connecting to SSID
  • online chat with tech expert in call center
  • restores modem configuration to last known good configuration for uninterrupted service
  • a repository of all critical information related to broadband connection

with such enriching & addictive features of NetXpert, it would be really hard to resist an immediate download. You may use the link to install it.

NetXpert compatibility

NetXpert compatible Operating System:

Windows 7; Windows Vista SP2; Windows XP SP3

NetXpert compatible modems:

all modems supported by airtel

troubleshooting tips

slow browsing

The crisp table below will help you understand & resolve slow browsing issues, if any.

symptoms suggested Solution
broadband usage quota consumed, as per billing plan (FUP) log in my account to check quota consumption (refer section 4 above) refer section 8 for more modes to check quota consumption
• buy smartbytes online from the same page on my account
• virus scan could be in the device
• parallel downloading
• malwares and/or spyware presence in system
• recheck after virus scan over
• stop parallel download & recheck
• ensure PC secure is installed
   (refer section 7 below, to install it immediately)
Host site/Third party server issues (It is myth that slow browsing is dependent on service operator only) check net speed from: or
ensure no other system connected and no parallel downloading in progress
Temporary internet files & cookies, which accumulate while surfing utilities like 'Cleanup' are available on net. Pls download & run on your PC. Recheck speed post that
Temporary internet files & cookies, which accumulate while surfing (manual removal) 1. press Start/Run/Windows logo on bottom left of screen
2. type %temp% in the pop-up window or Search window, click OK
3. a new window containing all temporary internet file will pop up
4. select all the files & press Shift+ Delete to remove them permanently.
5. To delete browsing history, open Internet Explorer, click on 'Tools' (on top menu bar), click on 'internet options', under 'browsing history', press Delete. This would delete cookies, browsing history, saved passwords & web form information.

no browsing

The crisp table below will help you understand & resolve no browsing issues, if any.

symptoms suggested Solution
physical connectivity (System to Modem, Modem to Line) issue 1. start NetXpert & click on Connectivity. The online genius will take you through a step-wise self rectification process.
2. If Netxpert not installed, please do so as soon as your connection is up next. Refer section 5 above on Netxpert & its compatibility
physical connectivity
(system to modem, modem to line) issue
1. check for dial-tone on the parallel voice phone (if phone installed) if no dial tone then the link is probably down. Please call 121
2. check if modem is Powered ON
if its not, switch ON the modem & recheck connection
3. check if the cable to modem is coming from 'modem' socket of the splitter (if splitter installed) If it's not, correct the cable end socket and recheck the connection.
4. switch off your modem, remove Ethernet cable from modem and swap the ends. Then switch ON the modem to check if all links are up or not .
5. check if link is Stable. This can be seen by the stability of the orange/yellow light on the modem. (This light may be labeled DSL/WAN/ADSL etc depending on the model of your modem).
6. if the light is stable, then the problem is local, relating to your setup. If the yellow/orange light is flickering, then report the problem to our call center
7. ping test using cmd prompt. Type 'cmd' on search box of Windows Start button (bottom left of screen) – Type "ipconfig" & note your Default Gateway. Type "ping <Default Gateway> " If default gateway not pinging, issue with physical connectivity or LAN settings / IP configuration
8. if default gateway pinging, then ping DNS (given below) If it does'nt ping, check the modem configurations
9. If TNS pinging, then ping
If it does'nt ping, check the DNS entry in the system/modem.
Need to check the modem configuration (if the modem is in factory reset mode, DNS will ping and sites will not ping).
10. If google pinging, then it's a system issue or browser issue or anti-virus or firewall blocking concern.
LAN settings: entries of IP, DNS, gateway 1. check all the indications on modem/router are ON and steady.
2. If so configure the network adapter correctly to broadband configurations as provided below: Pan India Subnet Mask:, Gateway:
DNS servers Primary Secondary
North Hub
KK computer if necessary and test for connectivity

broadband defense & beyond

PC Secure :

for privileged customers like you, airtel has evaluated your needs & offers you a complete broadband security package.

  • automatic updates
  • parental control:
    broadband password change without calling call center or installing dialer software.
  • time lock:
    define at what time your children can access
  • 360-degree security:
    scans not only your PC, but also CDs,USB sticks, Internet surfing & downloads.
  • firewall:
    ideal for 'always-on' net connections with protection against hackers, trojans, worms & other malwares
  • spyware protection:
    surf without fear of personal information being send to third parties

acquire safety

we recommend you to immediately subscribe to this robust defense mechanism at a nominal cost & remain a safe & protected consumer of internet.

please visit: to swiftly subscribe & download this powerful security tool.

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airtel-ever responsive service

being an airtel customer now entitles you to a convenience of accessing a service from your chosen mode at your chosen time.

ways to connect my account airtel app e-mail iSMS USSD
dial *121#
chat Δ
call center
how to access? register @ download @ 121 @ from registered mobile ∧∧ from registered mobile NetXpert * refer below
unbilled usage
due date
payment option
Itemized & last
5 month bills
raise a request
e-bill request
payment centers

alternatively, you can directly go to-

∧∧ call 121 from airtel fixed line to register alternate mobile number. Text following codes to 121 (from airtel mobile registered against broadband) or to 9650096500 from non-airtel registered mobile:
current due amount: OTFL || start daily unbilled alerts: SUBUNFL || bill summary: BLFL || current DSL usage: UDSL || SR status: SRFL || payment centers : for cash/cheque-CASH/CHEQUE <AREA PINCODE>

Δ you can also say 'Hi' to us at facebook @ airtel presence & twitter @airtel_presence

* queries-please dial 121 from airtel FL, from any other number please dial 44444121(8 digit) or 4444121(7 digit) (chargeable @ Rs 0.50 per call)

* complaints- please dial 198 from airtel FL, from any other number please dial 44444198 (8 digit) or 4444198 (7 digit)



Note:Calls made to numbers beginning with 1860XXXXXXXX is chargeable upto Rs.2/min

choose the services you want to log in

Choose from the below mentioned services to manage your account:

For Corporate co-ordinator login (mobile), click here
Monthly relocation plans
Rental* Incoming calls Free outgoing minutes
(local & STD) for mobile & fixed line
199 Free 400 min
299 Free 900 min
399 Free 1300 mins
599 Free 2200 mins
*A base rental of Rs. 99 will be added to your monthly rental. For example, if you opt for the 199
relocation plan, your total rental will be Rs. 298 (Rs. 99 + Rs. 199).