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key features

  • Secure real-time information capture
  • Instant document upload, task updates and alerts
  • Remote control functions
Mobile technology has put more connectivity at the disposal of your business than ever before. Yet, businesses struggle to reap the benefits of mobility. Challenges remain in areas of security, device interoperability and migration from legacy systems. With airtel accessMATE solution, unleash the full potential of your mobility solution. Airtel accessMATE lets your mobile workforce access critical data in a secure manner, independent of location and device.



  • Work-from-anywhere capabilities
  • Greater employee satisfaction and retention
  • Better IT resource utilisation
  • Real-time information updates
  • Secure M2M communication
  • Our solutions enable “offices anywhere/ everywhere” for several businesses, enhancing employee satisfaction.

  • Our solutions give wings to mobile field force across businesses. The availability of real-time information on a task in hand like the shortest route to the place of task, or customer purchase/service history helps the mobile field force meet customer demands.

  • Our solutions make secure machine-to-machine communication a reality, even between machines built on different platforms.
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