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key features:

  • Data containerisation
  • Secure e-mail
  • Corporate app store
  • Remote device manager
Enterprises today want to give employees the freedom to use the device of their choice at work, and to work from anywhere without compromising on corporate data security. airtel mobile containerisation makes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) a reality in the enterprise.

airtel mobile containerisation offers:

  • Data containerisation: Distinct compartments for corporate data, ensuring fool-proof separation of personal and corporate information
  • Disablement of copy, forward, and attachment of official emails from personal mail
  • Corporate app store with access based on employee profile/ designation/ department
  • Remote device manager to wipe corporate data on employees’ mobiles remotely if lost/ stolen/ breached


  • Improved productivity through BYOD
  • High level of data security for enterprise
  • applications on mobile devices
  • Lower cost of mobility
  • Enterprises bank on airtel mobile containerisation for greater productivity via BYOD. A distinct container for corporate data ensures fewer instances of crucial mails - such as escalation requests - lost between personal and official mails.
  • airtel mobile containerisation has delivered a high level of data security for enterprise applications on mobile for numerous businesses. The corporate app store lets the enterprise extend customised access to applications based on employee need.
  • Enterprises are often wary of long term mobility costs when adopting BYOD. However, the ones who choose airtel mobile containerisation has no worries about hidden costs attached to data security and keeping systems up-to-date with transforming platforms, devices and applications. airtel's solution lowered their overall mobility cost.

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