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key features:

  • First on-cloud integrated signage solution in India
  • Comprehensive suite of solutions including hardware, content delivery, archival and connectivity support
  • Tried and tested platform: deployed for leading companies, across branches
  • Global onsite and offsite support
Digital Media Services (DMS) from airtel is a centralized, multi-tenant digital media management and distribution platform. DMS is a media exchange that links content owners, production facilities and screens (TV, IPTV, DTH, desktops and laptops, mobile phones, digital signages, digital cinema theatres),creating an ecosystem of media entities to store, forward, share, and trade multiple versions of produced content across multiple platforms. Our platform enables this collaboration across the globe while ensuring content owners’ rights protection.

key features:

  • Connected to the portal over wired, wireless, cellular, or satellite networks
  • Helps engage audiences though relevant content and advertising
  • Can display content in both regular and interactive formats
  • Content can be localized and contextualised
Enterprises today need effective means to display targeted advertisements, information, and other relevant messages. With dynamic displays, airtel digital signage empowers your enterprise to more effectively reach customers, employees, partners, and the general public.

The airtel edge:

  • Best-in-class media software and hardware
  • Unified control through a single web-based portal
  • Simplified, planned content management and delivery
  • Audit trail from content upload to play-out
  • Holistic ecosystem connectivity and security

key features:

  • Automated delivery tracking
  • Schedule based, hassle-free and first-time-correct KDM replication & delivery
  • Remote scheduling & playlist management
  • Automated advertisement inventory & sales management
  • Library management for cinema content
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Integration with existing Theater Management or Library Management Systems
The media and entertainment industry is seeking greater control over the digital distribution of content to theater locations. Airtel’s cinema delivery solution enables just this.
Business benefits
  • Reduced cost of making copies
  • Reduced logistics and distribution cost
  • Timely delivery to all locations
  • Piracy control

key features:

  • Integrated Ad Platform for Signage and Cinema
  • Easy reach to any signage across wide geography
  • Detailed view of Inventory availability
  • Fully managed service
  • Secure digital storage
  • Periodical & near-real-time proof of play report generation
  • Intelligent alert generations, reminders and notifications
  • Supports interactive games, promotions and location sensitive advertisements
Airtel Advertisement Ecosystem is a single delivery solution for your big- budget ad campaigns. Our solution ensures seamless distribution of your advertisements to the relevant platforms. Agencies’ creative shop floors will be able to connect to receivers in a closed circle. This makes faster, easier, monitored content flow possible in a cost-and-resource-effective way. Our solution acts as a virtual library management service for content creator as well as asset owner.
Business benefits
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Streamlined content creation
  • Easy, effective last-moment delivery of finished assets to multiple exhibition platforms
  • Time and cost efficiencies from reduced travel


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