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key features:

  • Multipath backbone with three paths on every route
  • Direct peering with leading IPXs and CDNs
  • Proactive threat management with DDoS detection and mitigation
  • Dual, diverse access options
  • IPv6 ready; dual stack supported
Your business needs seamless, high-speed connectivity to efficiently connect with your network of affiliates, customers, and suppliers around the world. airtel Internet offers businesses fast, reliable, and convenient connectivity to public networks. Our extensive network of undersea cables and peering partners worldwide enable path optimisation. Available in three flavours - airtel Enterprise Internet, airtel managed Internet service, and airtel Internet with on-Cloud DDoS detection and mitigation - our solution addresses every connectivity need of a business.



  • Next-generation technology enabled
  • High-speed access for better connectivity
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Our solution has enabled next-generation technologies such as uninterrupted video access for business-to-business video conferencing
  • Our solution has enabled high-speed access (from 64 Kbps to STM1 and above) for numerous businesses
  • Our solution offers connectivity at low cost
airtel Internet carries 25,000 TB of data per month.Our traffic has been growing at 80 percent year-on-year. We have emerged as the preferred connectivity partner for organizations across multiple industries:
  • Close to 225 manufacturing and distribution businesses depend on us for maximum uptime of critical Web-based applications such as CRM and SCM
  • About 125 banking and financial companies rely on us to seamlessly deliver online banking services
  • About 75 media and entertainment companies use our solution to deliver infotainment services and solutions to consumers

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