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key features:

  • 1,75,000+ km optical fiber
  • 135 domestic & 9 global MPLS POPs
  • Dual POPs in metros
  • 27,000+ live links connecting over
    12,000 customers
  • MPLS on 3G or 4G across 1,100 cities
With airtel Smart MPLS, businesses across the country have kept their networks up-to-date to support the latest technologies and business plans. Our solution has been powering unlimited business scenarios - business-to-business video collaboration, mobile enablement, and the Internet of things.
Airtel Smart MPLS offers:
  • 360° 3G Business Solutions

    airtel combines the stability and security of MPLS with the speed and reach of 3G. We enable complex/ new age business solutions like offices anywhere, field force mobile enablement, and secure M2M communication.
  • VPLS

    A virtual private LAN service (VPLS) add-on gives you a high-capacity emulated LAN.
  • Video Enabled MPLS

    Make the most of collaboration with your video-enabled MPLS network! Just plug in your hardware, connect to the airtel video exchange, and turn on the cam to interact with customers, partners, and employees.


key features:

  • 360° communication solutions
  • Ultra-sensitive to data security
  • Available on any access medium (Copper, Fiber, RF, VSAT, 2G, 3G & 4G)
  • Businesses that choose airtel Smart MPLS get more than plain vanilla connectivity. Many of them are enjoying the benefits of holistic communication and collaboration solutions - including video-enabled MPLS, VoIP over MPLS, and more.
  • Our solution provides instant scalability to businesses. They can scale from 30 branches to 1000 in less than a week. Three of the top five IT companies use our MPLS solution.
  • Our MPLS solution has enabled better access with 3G as the last mile for many businesses.



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