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key features:

  • ID card-based movement tracking
  • Reports and alerts
  • Historical data available
When someone travels regularly by public transport - a worker at a BPO or a school child, for example - others often want to know their whereabouts at any point in time. Institutions such as a school or an office share some responsibility towards ensuring that a vehicle is in the right place at the right time. Location information can help. Businesses and educational institutions can now rely on airtel secureMATE, a tracking solution that provides the location of an employee or a student using information from a wearable ID card.



  • Greater employee safety
  • Better fleet management
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • The availability of reports on who was picked up/ dropped off a vehicle, helps businesses answer questions about why an employee might not have reached home.
  • The availability of reports on vehicle speeding, change of route, stopovers, etc. ensures better fleet management.
  • The solution provides certainty about the safety of an employee which is a relief for his/her family, resulting in greater employee satisfaction.

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