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key features:

  • On-device protection against malware attacks
  • Monitors the mobile device – memory, CPU usage, etc.
  • No need for internet connectivity
  • Protects business and personal data against malicious activities
There are over 3 million apps around us. About one-third of which come with malware that are capable of harming your employees’ devices or business-related data. The risk increases the moment your employees connect to a free public Wi-Fi or an unsecured private Wi-Fi.

That’s where Airtel AirShield comes in. AirShield is a mobile intrusion prevention app that protects your employees’ mobile against network, device and application-based threats.


  • An intuitive app that detects threats in real time
  • Protects business-related data from malware
  • Recommends actions when malicious activity is detected
  • Safeguard your company’s sensitive data
    AirShield detects known and unknown threats, and strengthens your company’s data security by allowing you to set and manage data policies in real time.
  • Ensure privacy for all your employees
    Personal and business-related data of your employees can be misused. AirShield secures all their data when they visit social media sites or download latest apps.
  • Embrace a digital life with open arms
    Give your employees the freedom to go online without worrying about malware attacks or malicious apps.
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