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key features:

  • Integrated view of network and application performance
  • Real-time analysis of issues like expected latency, packet loss, etc.
  • Predictive alerts on impending bottlenecks
  • Tracks usage pattern for all applications
One of the major challenges for any business is to ensure an all-time availability of critical applications. Hours are spent on finding out whether an existing issue is at the application or the network layer. And another set of hours are spent to fix the issue. That’s where we come in.

Airtel's Smart MPLS is an intelligent network optimization and application performance solution aimed to enhance the end user experience. The solution:

  • Proactively Analyses and reports impending issues
  • Isolates the troubled layer for a faster troubleshooting
  • Ensures uninterrupted access to a network
  • Helps you pre-empt a potential issue before it affects the end user
  • Lets you track and manage end user experience


With Smart MPLS, you get to experience:

Higher availability of critical apps
Predictive alerts on impending bottlenecks would help teams to troubleshoot faster, leading to an all-time availability of critical apps.
Enhanced productivity
Number of hours spent on troubleshooting significantly reduce owing to an early identification and segregation of the troubled layer, making your teams more productive.
Better change management
During new project rollouts, a near-real-time visibility on network performance can help you plan the capacity better.
Better end user experience
With the ability to fix faults before they turn into full-blown network issues, you'll be able to improve end user experience, thereby winning customers for lifetime.


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