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key features:

  • User location-agnostic solution; service available on roaming too
  • Service applicable for interactive mobile content like videos
  • Alerts about free data usage during mobile web search
With the number of mobile users increasing exponentially, businesses have unprecedented scope to increase customer reach. Almost all mobile users reach a product or a service via a smartphone. airtel toll-free data helps your business free customers of the worry of website surfing cost. This enables you to reach more customers and deliver greater customer satisfaction.


  • Reach extends to low-end smartphone users
  • Enables free mobile web access on roaming
  • Allows businesses to push video content
  • With free website access on mobile, many businesses have experienced a surge in mobile usage of customer-facing applications like online service portals.
  • Businesses have been able to drive increased viewership of video and graphic-intensive content pushed to end customers.

To know how you can benefit from our solution, download the following case study:

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