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key features:

  • Cell ID-based mobile tracking
  • Real-time reports
Businesses today need real-time insight on asset/field force movement to monitor operational efficiencies. airtel TraceMATE, a cell ID-based mobile tracking solution, provides real-time report and alerts via the Web on the location of people and assets. Locations are refreshed every 15 minutes, to an accuracy of 200 metres - 2 kilometres.



  • Real-time view of field force proximity
  • Elimination of risk of fraud such as proxy visits
  • Proximity-based services for better management of processes and systems
  • Service-based businesses rely on airtel TraceMATE to get a real-time view of field force proximity to client sites, ensuring faster customer response time.
  • Businesses can keep an eye on their field force using airtel TraceMATE, which provides information on when field personnel begin and end work - by geo-fencing field areas.
  • Numerous logistic businesses have chosen airtel TraceMATE for proximity-based services.


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