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key features:

  • Real-time information on fleet operations along multiple parameters
  • Alerts on safety parameters such as unauthorised stops
  • Single-screen display for entire fleet
  • Real-time reports for performance evaluation of fleet operations
Many businesses have large fleets that need to be monitored and tracked for the safety and productivity of their people/assets in the vehicle. These businesses are choosing airtel trackMATE, a GPS-based system, to enjoy easy, real-time visibility of all vehicles.


key features:

  • Efficient management of fleet
  • Prevention of misuse and pilferage
  • Cloud based payment model
Get real-time location information in an integrated SaaS solution! trackMATE can be tailor-made for your fleet with private APN and integration of your telemetry and fuel management applications. It also improves fleet efficiency for superior operations by tracking excessive idling by vehicles, and real-time monitoring of perishable goods being transported.


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