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key features:

  • Maximum transponder space from
    multiple satellites
  • Multiple operational VSAT hubs in India
  • Satellite IPLC services
  • Disaster recovery services from geographically redundant locations
  • End-to-end management of duties, clearance and VSAT licenses
  • Comprehensive network management tools
Experience unlimited connectivity without geographical or locational constraints! airtel VSAT lets your business push the limits of availability and accessibility of your services.

key features:

  • Connectivity to unreachable terrains
  • Supplement the terrestrial network
  • Special mitigation services for unforeseen disruptions
  • Our solution has extended connectivity to unreachable terrains.
  • Our solution has helped businesses supplement their terrestrial network for unfailing backup connectivity, and to ensure quick disaster recovery.
  • Our solution has guaranteed undisrupted service to numerous businesses.Our network and services are backed by mitigation services for unforeseen disruptions.
airtel VSAT empowers Gujarat villages
airtel drove India’s largest rural connectivity drive in Gujarat, which connected 13,716 villages with the Common Service Centres (CSCs) responsible for Agriculture, e-Governance, Health and Education. This elevated village Panchayats to the next level, making them delivery end-points for government services and projects.

airtel VSAT enables banking in inaccessible areas in J&K
A leading bank in Jammu & Kashmir clicked on airtel VSAT to seamlessly connect close to 500 RRBs. We enabled banking till the last mile in areas of the state with difficult terrain, as well as in other inaccessible parts of rural India.

Indian Tsunami Warning System backed by airtel VSAT
The Indian Tsunami Early Warning System uses a network of seismic stations, Bottom Pressure Recorders (BPR), tide gauges, and a 24x7 operational warning centre to monitor tsunami information in real time. It depends on airtel VSAT to provide timely advisories across India.

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