CT-Form Elements


key features:

  • Private screen share
  • PSTN audio integration
  • Easy drag-and-drop of any content
  • Transferable drawing tools
  • Plug-in support - Calendar, MS Outlook, and more
  • Multiple whiteboard sheets
Businesses are looking for means to enable collaboration between employees at different locations for more efficient and to effectively engage with geographically dispersed teams. Airtel web conferencing has enabled businesses to get more from meetings!


  • Maximise the efficiency of employee meetings
  • Seamless mail-client integration
  • Our solution enables businesses to maximise meeting efficiency. Content and reading material is uploaded prior to the meeting, so participants are better prepared.
  • Businesses that use our solution, talk about the ease of managing calls. This comes from seamless mail-client integration, the ability to mute callers with background noise, and more.
  • BFSI organisations use our solution extensively for confidential discussions. Our solution can restrict entry after a predefined number of people are on the call, and drop callers when needed.
  • Banks depend on our solution for auditing geographically dispersed branches, and connecting with analysts and investors.
  • Educational institutions are adopting our solution for hosting real-time virtual classrooms, thereby providing effective distance learning modules.
  • Law and order agencies are contemplating about using our solution for real-time witness testimonials and for remote interrogation of clients.

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