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  • 1. What is the Digitalisation of TV?

    • Currently, TV signals are sent via analog, digital and terrestrial formats. The digital format offers better picture and better sound, is interactive and has a whole host of benefits that make it better than cable services.The Digitalisation Bill will mandate that all TV will be digitally transmitted, and that subscribers will need a digital Set Top Box to watch television. Cable operators use analog formats and this will no longer be supported.
  • 2. What is the Digitalisation Bill?

    • Through the Digitalisation Bill, the Central Government aims to switch the entire cable industry from analog to Digital format by the 31st of December, 2014. The bill requires that any TV operators transmit encrypted TV signals through a system that is digitally addressable. That is what the Digital Set Top Box is for.
  • 3. Is there a difference between Digitalisation & CAS?

    • Digitalisation means that television signals are now digital, instead of analog. A Digital Set Top Box will be needed to use digital signals.

      The system that distributes digital television signals is called a Conditional Access System or CAS. This ensures that only what is paid for can be accessed by a subscriber.
  • 4. What are the benefits of Digitalisation?

    • The digital format provides better picture and sound quality, as well as an enhanced viewing experience with HD. It also includes interactive services like Video on Demand, and the freedom to pay only for the channels you choose from our extensive bouquet.
  • 5. Will everyone have to buy a Digital Set Top Box?

    • After Digitalisation kicks in, a Digital Set Top Box will be necessary to decode the encrypted digital signals that all operators must broadcast by law.
  • 6. What if my cable operator doesn't give me a Digital Set Top Box?

    • Cable operators who do not provide a Digital Set Top Box will not be permitted to continue their service. After Digitalisation occurs, everyone must have a Digital Set Top Box to watch television.
  • 7. Can I also buy a Digital Set Top Box from my cable operator?

    • Yes, you can, but it is advisable to check out all your Digital TV options from different operators before making a decision.
  • 8. Should I choose a Set Top Box that runs on Digital Cable or DTH, like airtel Digital TV?

    • You should consider the following before making this decision:

      Expertise in Digital TV : Your service provider should have enough experience, infrastructure and technology to offer you a high quality Digital Service? It should have a good track record, and should provide reliable service.

      Variety of Set Top Boxes : Your service provider should offer you a wide variety of Digital Set Top Boxes to meet your needs and requirements. You should have options for HD, SD and HD recorders.

      HD Content : The HD channels you choose should actually be high definition, and should offer the very best HD channels.

      Warranty : Your service provider should give you a warranty on its Set Top Boxes.

      Interactive Services : Your service provider shouldn't just offer television channels, but should also have a lot of options for interactive services, so the same box is perfect for every member of the family.

      Convenience : You should be able to make your bill payments through a 24/7 helpline, your mobile or online. You should also be able to get your recharge vouchers and offers easily, and online.

      Video on Demand : Your service provider should offer you a lot of movies, TV shows and concerts on Demand, seamlessly.

      Adaptability : You should be able to choose the channels you want to watch, and pay only for those.

      Customer Service : Your service provider should provide 24/7 support and backup, with professional help and installation, as well as after-sales support. Your service provider should also guide you when you are confused.
  • 9. Will bad weather or rain affect my airtel Digital TV reception?

    • DTH is very reliable, and has been widely used for quite a few years across the world. Since the Digital TV signals are transmitted from a satellite to your dish and Set Top Box, rain may affect reception. However, such an interruption of services is temporary and rare. airtel Digital TV is highly reliable and compares with the high quality standards of airtel's mobile phone service.

      It is also useful to note that even cable services can be interrupted for a variety of reasons.
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