Airtel Global Business is the leading provider of 2G/3G Cellular Backhaul Connectivity Solution on Satellite using the robust and reliable GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit) technology. The solution offers cost -effective, easily upgradable, and enriched connectivity to the remote sites where no other form of connectivity is possible to connect BTS to BSC/MSC.

For 4G Backhaul Connectivity to e-node Bs, Airtel Global Business also offers satellite solutions using the MEO (Medium Earth orbit) for the ‘low latency & high bandwidth’ requirements.

About the Customer:
A leading telecom operator in Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC), Africa, providing mobile voice & data services to retail & enterprise customers, was looking at expanding its existing network & building a new nationwide network. The idea was to connect the remotest parts of the country and extend their cellular services to the subscriber base present in rural areas.

Challenges addressed:
Connecting remote parts of the country was a challenge due to non-availability of fibre & microwave network. Building such a network was very expensive & it wouldn’t have justified the overall business case.

Solution Offered:
Airtel Global Business proposed a cost-effective, reliable, and robust solution built over iDirect Evolution platform for connecting over 150 sites on KU-band and over 55 sites on C-band. Keeping in mind the nature of the services which would run on this network, the Gateway was selected to be in Africa (Kenya) itself. Bandwidth pooling feature was included in order to optimise the bandwidth usage between the sites.

Advantage to the Customer:
- Connectivity: With Airtel Global Business, the customer was able to connect more than 195 sites in the 1st phase, an unprecendent number.

- Increase in Subscriber Base: With the provided cellular backhaul solution, the customer was able to launch mobile services in the new territories and take new users onboard in a short span of time.

- Enhance revenue: Last but not the least, the solution added business revenue for the leading telecom operator in DRC.