Airtel’s India-Myanmar Terrestrial Fiber Link goes LIVE

India-Myanmar Airtel's Fiber Link

Airtel’s India-Myanmar Terrestrial Fiber Link went LIVE earlier this month. This is the first terrestrial link between the two nations, which will offer an additional gateway for Myanmar to India and the rest of the world.

Myanmar, which has a population of 53 million, is one of the last growth frontiers in Asia, and is witnessing massive growth of Internet and telecom services. The country, which had a telecom penetration of about 5% in 2012, now has over 30 Mn mobile customers and about 60% of the population is online.

The latest economic reforms in the country has driven foreign investments across sectors and is boosting demand for ICT services. The country, which was being served through a submarine cable, will now have an additional gateway through India. Moreover, it will boost connectivity between Myanmar and other SAARC nations like Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, where Airtel has deployed terrestrial links. This launch also builds on Airtel’s efforts to create India as a regional IP Hub on account of the large number of subscribers it caters through its network and through network of its partnering carriers.

The goal is to enable global, cost effective, and scalable Internet backbone, which would further enable Internet connectivity via mobile and broadband subscribers in Myanmar. It also offers global connectivity solutions to businesses and end-to-end connectivity to new and existing Airtel enterprise customers looking to set up businesses in Myanmar.