Note from the CEO

Ajay Chitkara

New Markets, New Achievements

Airtel Business is developing new services in some of the most diverse and unique telecom markets around the globe. We believe in continuously innovating our network and service so that your business benefits every day. We are committed to innovating and delivering solutions that take on the challenges of the very complex and dynamic industry.

We also recognise that the ability to launch innovative services in a rapid timeframe is the real differentiator. With that context, I’m happy to share Airtel Business’ new achievements in new markets.

South Africa is one of the top 3 investment destinations in Africa, and Johannesburg is the financial capital with presence of all major global banking and financial conglomerates. With population of 54 Mn, mobile penetration of near 100 % and Internet penetration of more than 50 % this region is an extremely huge opportunity for the telecom sector. We are certain that our new fully integrated MPLS PoP here will be a significant addition to your network and business.

Another new market we have ventured into is Hong Kong for our carrier grade VoIP calling app Airtel Talk. With an innovative partnership model for two specific propositions of ‘Share credits with friends’ and ‘Voucher PINs reselling’, we have seen traffic for tie ups grown substantially to almost 20 times in two months. What really helped us win here was the best mix of right proposition, right partnership and right incentives and steadily Airtel Talk became the preferred choice for selling over the counter. We are now looking at various other markets with similar propositions.

Emerging markets are becoming increasingly attractive to MNCs as the opportunities are undeniably huge, but so are the obstacles. When Airtel Business started the journey of connecting emerging markets to rest of the world, a number of challenges came to surface in the form of infrastructure, capital, regulations and partnerships. Airtel took the lead in giving access to neighboring developing countries, with a combined population of close to 250 Mn like Bangladesh and Nepal through high capacity terrestrial fiber networks, making India an IP hub in the region. After achieving unparalled feats in Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh, and leading the development of terrestrial network in these markets, last year we were able to bring the series to the next level by entering Myanmar and further strengthening its connection to the world. This link is another strategic fiber asset for Airtel in the SAARC region and will boost connectivity and growth of digital services for a large population. We also believe that this further deepens the economic cooperation between India and Myanmar. It will also enable Airtel to offer robust end to end connectivity solutions to businesses within Myanmar

We believe that these endeavors in new markets and innovative offerings can be critical to your success. Hoping to hear from you soon.