Q. What is your view on gender diversity in the work place?
A. I think that women are just as good as the men if only they believe in themselves and acquire the right skills.

Q. What do you consider your success factors to getting you to senior management role amidst the immense competition especially from the men?
A. Staying focused and not getting deterred from achieving my vision and goals. Surrounding myself with Positive people who have helped keep me aligned to achieve set targets.

Q. How do you manage to have a work life balance? (Predominantly many women’s careers are limited by family responsibilities)
A. I have to prioritize the two roles separately. My family has recently increased by one and I have learnt to work “smart”. My moto remains “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar” and of course I wish I had 36 hours in a day!

Q. What are your thoughts out to the women out there?
A. I encourage women to remain relevant. Both at home and at the office/workplace. This is the only way to remain successful.