Q. What is your view on gender diversity in the work place?

A.Gender diversity is vital to any work place, because it gives both women and men the same career opportunities, and also comes with several advantages like:-

• Men and women have different viewpoints, ideas, and market insights, which enables better problem solving, ultimately leading to superior performance in the business.
• A gender-diverse workforce provides multiple sources of information, and wider industry knowledge
• A gender-diverse workforce allows the company to serve an increasingly diverse customer base, as some customers feel comfortable to deal/be served by a particular gender.
• Gender diversity helps companies attract and retain talented women. This is especially relevant as more women join the labor force around the world. Companies cannot afford to ignore the biggest percentage of the potential workforce and expect to be competitive in the global economy.
• Women and men are both central to economic growth, hence the need for gender diversity.

Q.What do you consider your success factors to getting you to senior management role amidst the immense competition especially from the men?

• My passion and value I attach for all the lower level roles l have done through the ranks
• Commitment and reliability towards work
• My focus and drive for results
• My strength in developing others
• High integrity levels
• Being a team player
• The up skilling to remain competent

Q.How do you manage to have a work life balance?

• Plan out my work weekly and pay more attention and focus to things within my control.
• I always ensure that l make time for activities and people who matter to me. Work will never end and will always be there.
• I try to utilize my working hours effectively, so l don't have to work extra time all through.
• Transfer knowledge to work colleagues, so that you are not the only subject matter expert.

Q.What are your thoughts to the women out there?

• Women need to know that God created man and woman with equal capabilities, the onus is on us to unleash that potential in us. What men can do, women can even do better.
• Should not allow to be discouraged by our cultural stereotyping of assigning specific roles based on gender.
• Mothers should ensure that they build a firm foundation for their girl child, by availing them the same education opportunities like those given to boys. Education is important to everyone and it is the key and future to everything around us. Every child deserves a chance to live up to his/her full potential, regardless of gender.