Q. What is your view on gender diversity in the work place?
A. Airtel is a majorly male dominated workplace especially at Senior Management level. I also know that these gentlemen have earned these positions.
Am I happy with this state of affairs? Certainly not.
Who needs to ensure that we get a better balance between men and women?
1. It is us ladies by putting in our all, purposing to challenge status quo with exceptional results as these positions are not given on a silver platter.
2. Human Resources should take an upper hand in identifying and grooming talent amongst the ladies.

Q. What do you consider your success factors to getting you to senior management role amidst the immense competition especially from the men?
A. Planning and working the plan. I am an ardent believer in “what the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.” _Stone.

Continuous self-improvement including:-
a) Doing my very best at my current job as I believe it is a stepping stone into the next.
b) Seeking feedback from peers, direct reports, line managers, being open to it and implementing it.
c) Having mentors.
d) Advancing my education. One should not get in a comfort Zone because they have a job.
e) Working with the teams I lead and ensuring we deliver excellently.

Q. How do you manage to have a work life balance? (Predominantly many women’s careers are limited by family responsibilities)?
A. Putting this into perspective, I am married with 3 children aged 10, 7 and 4 years, I am pursuing a PHD in Business Administration and working as Head KYC at our group office, aside others. I juggle these by:-

1. Having a great support system. My husband, relatives, friends who chipped in during days when I had an exam, was working on the night shift (while I was in the Call Center) I am held up in a meeting or I am out of the country and cannot attend a family engagement or other schedule.
2. Planning. Utilizing public holidays and specially planning leave to have family time / vacations.
3. Coaching, Delegation, empowering and having fun with my team.
4. Exercising. I do swim and go for aerobics.
5. Spirituality. Prayer and treating people fairly.

Q. What are your thoughts to the women out there?
A. Ladies, you are a gem and can do so much. Do not expect to get preferential treatment, rather, go out, improve and prove yourself. Never get into a comfort zone.
See you at the top!