Airtel commenced operations in Uganda in December 2010.

Since its inception, Airtel has positively contributed to the National agenda of ‘Gender Equality’ as per the 1995 Uganda Constitution which guarantees women equal opportunities in political, social, and economic areas. It also reserves some seats in the legislature and one-third (33%) of the seats in local councils for female candidates.

As at April 2016, Airtel Uganda comprised of 42% female employees, and 21% of employees in senior management are women, which is a remarkable performance on gender diversity. Airtel Management has shown full support for diversity, and continues to exercise open and transparent practices within the recruitment process, with emphasis on Right Attitude, Skills & Experience. We are particularly proud of the fact that all our female employees enjoy the same rewards, resources & opportunities to grow like their male counterparts.

The Ladies at Airtel have shown a lot of enthusiasm, ambition and hunger for growth at the work place, and this has catapulted them to higher management levels as indicated above.

The support to gender diversity has led to mutual respect among the employees, reduction in conflict as well as ease of conflict resolution, enhanced employer brand, and given Airtel more opportunities to tap into a wider pool of great talent. This also shows Airtel as a socially responsible company, an equal opportunities employer and has further enhanced the business dealings with Customers, Distributors, Partners and the general populace.