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In case you have been registered on airtel's Do Not Disturb registry for greater than 7 days, you can place a complaint for any promotional communication you may have received in the last 3 days.
In case you have not registered yet, please click here to register.

We'll need some details from you to process the complaint.

Which airtel phone did you receive the promotional communication on?

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Monthly relocation plans
Rental* Incoming calls Free outgoing minutes
(local & STD) for mobile & fixed line
199 Free 400 min
299 Free 900 min
399 Free 1300 mins
599 Free 2200 mins
*A base rental of Rs. 99 will be added to your monthly rental. For example, if you opt for the 199
relocation plan, your total rental will be Rs. 298 (Rs. 99 + Rs. 199).