Our strategically located submarine cable systems across the world and satellites in hard-to-reach areas provide you with connectivity, anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Go Global with Us

With over 400 interconnects with Partners, we are ready to explore the world with you. Our superior network infrastructure with at least three cables on every submarine route around the world, enables you to meet both your expansion and diversity needs across regions.

With a special focus on high-growth markets in Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, our expansion is an endeavour towards enhancing ‘your world, your way’.

We offer you:

  • Global reach via 400+ interconnects
  • CLI offering in over 80 destinations
  • Easy interconnection via TDM or VoIP/NGN Switches

Diverse and Smart

Minimum three paths on every route

  • Atlantic (TAT14, Hibernia, Apollo)
  • India-Singapore (i2i, SMW4, i2i backup)
  • Singapore-Japan (AAG, APCN2, EAC, SJC Planned)
  • Japan-US (Unity, JUS, TGN)

Fresh and flexible global transmission service

  • Complete new network with latest submarine assets
  • End to end global coverage, more than 50 countries
  • Diversity on every leg, abundant capacity
  • Capacity range from E1 to 10g, SDH and ethernet, Short term to IRU Contracts

Deeper, not just wider

  • Diverse backhauls network- Singapore, Europe, HK, US and Japan
  • POP across regions, 17 global POP's
  • Multi service platform- Transmission, MPLS, IP, Ethernet
  • Next geneation fully redundant equipments
  • International Satellite Gateway services
  • Network Service
  • Satellite IPLC Services
  • Internet Delivery service

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Passport to Africa

Now there's just one Africa for your data business

With 11 of the world's 20 fastest-growing economies, Africa is emerging as a favoured destination for organisations across the globe. This presents a great opportunity for your data business.

airtel business makes it easy for you to tap this market. As your partner, we provide an infrastructure that seamlessly connects you to opportunities in 17 countries in North, East and Central Africa.

We offer a comprehensive range of data services and solutions, a state-of-the-art network and superior customer service.

So get going in Africa with airtel business.

Our commitment to Africa

To connect you to the emerging opportunities in Africa, we have created a network that covers the whole continent. With multiple assets on the east and west coast, we are present across 17 countries in Africa including Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, DRC, Niger, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Chad, Madagascar, Congo B, Seychelles, Nigeria and Rwanda.

Our world-class network boasts of a subscriber base of 62+ million. Not only that, by collaborating with us, you also get access to 487+ million customers through our partnership with 20 major carriers.

Our offerings in Africa

With 40 owned and operated MPLS PoPs in Africa, we offer end-to-end solutions for all your connectivity needs. Along with that, we also have 25+ Network Partnerships to provide last mile access to your customers.

Our wide range of services include IMPLS Services, Global Transmission Services, India IPL Transit Services and Global Ethernet Services, VSAT & Teleport Services, Media Services, Transformation Services, Managed Network Services.

With this, we offer you

  • Point-to-point dedicated bandwidth
  • Scalable solutions from 2M to 10G capacity
  • Linear and protected services
  • 24x7 network monitoring and support
  • Supported by service level guarantees
  • Multiple and diverse access providers
  • Managed and unmanaged options
  • Integrated global network for seamless connectivity

Connect to a world of unlimited opportunities with us

With over 250 million subscribers globally, we are the 3rd largest wireless operator in the world. Our presence in over 80 countries with 1000+ carrier partnerships provides you unlimited opportunities to reach your customers. Through our global infrastructure of Cable Assets, Terrestrial & Satellite Connectivity, we offer you a range of innovative services and solutions.

Our full-suite of integrated telecom offerings include Carrier Grade Voice and Data Connectivity like MPLS, Ethernet, IP and International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC), Satellite Services, Collaboration Services, Co-location, Carrier Outsourcing and Content Distribution Services.