Global Mobile Solutions


Our direct reach, global network & partnerships allow organisations to directly reach out to their customers anywhere in the world and get access to our subscribers across operations. Our comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end Mobile Solutions enables you to bring efficiency to your network and meet business goals.

We bring to you:

  • Operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa
  • Access to the subscriber base of 280 mn across Asia and Africa
  • Access to 1000+ networks across the world to various operators
  • International Toll free numbers from 100+ countries

International Toll Free services:

Airtel Business International Toll Free Services:

Expanding your horizons

airtel business International Toll Free Services enable you to provide your retail clients/employees with toll free services from 100+ countries world wide.

airtel business International Toll free Services offer you:

  • International Toll Free Numbers from 100+ countries
  • Premium Voice quality supporting both TDM and SIP connectivity
  • Multi Country Origination & Termination
  • airtel's reliable & robust international voice network
  • Strategic edge to your offerings using our ITFS which provides access to fast & high growth economies
  • Low cost with no dedicated connectivity from the countries of interest
  • 24x7 quality of service monitoring, technical & customer care support

How it benefits you

  • Customer friendly & flexible pricing structure
  • Local operation available across 20+ countries
  • No need to have multiple Toll Free providers in multiple countries
  • Access to 800+ million subscribers from India and 60+ million subscribers in Africa
  • Special rates from airtel group countries serving over 250+ million subscribers

Message Hub

Seamless message termination in India

With Number portability introduced in India ,airtel introduced GSMA-compliant airtel message hub to ensure proper routing ,billing and settlement of SMS messages post number portability. The service is aimed for ITU and ANSI wireless operators for their India bound messages. This is the only hub in India with connectivity to all operators

Why choose Airtel Message Hub for India-bound messages

  • Guaranteed delivery for India traffic, post Number Portability
  • One-stop shop for all of the Indian operators - only solutions that has connectivity to all 14 operators in all 22 Indian telecom circles
  • In- Country operation
  • We are local- based and operated in India
  • Can also offer termination in 220 other countries
  • Beyond simple message routing
  • Supports SMS, SMPP, A-to-P, Spam filtering
  • Supports message queuinq and retries

Signaling Service

International SCCP transport service

By 2015, number of mobile subscribers are expected to cross 7 billion. The continuously growing mobile phone community combined with increasing propensity to message and roam has made these services an important component of the Mobile Network Operators (MNO's) revenue bucket. International SCCP Transport Service provide the connectivity that enables roaming and messaging between a MNO and its international roaming partner and adds to their revenue growth.

We offer you:

  • Secure redundant STP Network ensuring high availability and load balancing
  • Access to Roaming / SMS Hubs
  • ITU - ANSI Conversion capability
  • 24*7 Monitoring / Support Team
  • Customized billing and reporting tool

How it benefits you

  • Access to more than 700 network across 200 plus countries
  • Partnership with trusted communication provider serving over 200 million subscribers
  • Low risk and ready-to-use signaling platform and network, scalable to cater to your growing needs
  • Single window for your entire inter-network SMS and roaming requirements