Global Transport


Whether you need site-to-site connectivity or WAN integration with optical network that provides digital transmission, our services, both IPLC and Ethernet, will give you peace of mind and more reasons to expand further. Through our Transmission Service, we provide dedicated bandwidth for data transmission globally. Transmission Service is ideally suited for applications requiring security, predictable network response time and on-demand bandwidth.

Access Services

Our access network covers all over the country with access fiber and copper and we provide network design, installation, configuration, and maintenance support. Round-the-clock, real-time network monitoring and management provide the assurance that the customer network is operating at its best at all times.

Applications & benefits

Scalability : Supports low- to high-speed access, supports almost all access technologies, can scale from a few to many sites

Flexibility : Easy to upgrade and downgrade

Performance guarantees :Supports multiple applications for data, voice, and video applications; SLAs with predictable latency, throughput, availability

Coverage and reach : OnNet (within airtel cloud) coverage for the highest performance, function, and SLA, with OnNet and OffNet (outside of airtel cloud) global coverage for far-away sites and remote users

Price and cost efficiency : Takes advantage of converged network for data, voice, and video on one access line; the best access solution

Global Ethernet

Global Ethernet Services are designed to meet your high speed global connectivity requirements with high degree of reliability and flexibility to upgrade the bandwidth quickly between geographically dispersed locations, when needed thereby reducing your total cost of ownership.

Global Ethernet services are built over reliable EoSDH platform on bharti’s extensive carrier class network of owned PoPs and partnerships with international carriers, thereby leveraging the extensive submarine network that offers multiple restoration paths for rerouting traffic in case of exigencies.

The service is ideal for both enterprises and carriers needing cross-border connectivity for high traffic volumes and mission critical applications, such as high-speed data transfer, video streaming and distributed SAN applications. Such applications require a scalable platform that can provide the flexibility to accommodate ad-hoc business requirements of bandwidth upgrade, quickly and cost effectively.

Global Transmission service

With strategically located cable systems across the planet, airtel is ready to explore the world with you. Our network infrastructure is a step towards meeting both your expansion and diversity needs across regions, with at least three cables on every submarine route around the world. Our cables covers regions from Europe. Africa, Middle East towards far east and towards US.

With these large investments we have abundant capacities available with us and can help you build your backbone and customer backbones for across the globe.

bharti airtel's global Transmission Service enables you to transport your traffic anywhere across the globe seamlessly. Backed by world class SLA and global support infrastructure, we provide you diverse routes and capacity options to fulfill your critical business needs. For a truly global and seamless connectivity, our services are complemented by partners who are leading players in the respective geographies.

India Ethernet Service

It provides digital network service that provides high bandwidth Ethernet LAN connectivity between various locations with multiple uplink speeds and network configurations. It is affordable, simple and also consolidates your infrastructure. This service is ideally suited for LAN extension and multi-site domain extension.

  • Flexible Bandwidth Offering
  • Efficient Bandwidth Utilization
  • Cost efficient
  • Improved reliability and manageability
  • As secured as Traditional leased circuits

India Private Line

India Private Line is a dedicated point-to-point layer-1 connectivity at subscribed speed between customer’s two locations in India with no connectivity to the PSTN at either ends. Since bandwidth is totally dedicated to customer, NLD Leased Circuit provides secure, reliable and high speed connectivity. It also supports simultaneous, two-way transmission of voice, data and video. This product is ideally suited for WAN integration and site-to-site connectivity.


Wavelength Services provide high-capacity point-to-point connectivity over DWDM network transparently and independently of the upper protocol to be transported. Available speeds are 2.5 Gbps, 10 Gbps.