Global Voice


We provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help you deliver high-quality Voice Services that drive increased satisfaction for your customers. Leverage our services to increase revenue and deliver to your bottom line.

As one of the largest carriers of International Voice in Asia and amongst the top telecom operators in the world, we provide you with the services your customers demand. Our cable systems are expansive, and through an aggressive focus on planning, optimization and fast turn-around times, we are able to offer our customers uninterrupted service. Needless to say, we are the number 1 International Long Distance (ILD) Operator in India*.

We offer you:

  • Global Reach via over 400 interconnects
  • CLI offering in over 80 destinations
  • Highly competitive price and quality offering
  • Dedicated Relationship, Settlements , Technical and Care teams
  • Easy interconnection via TDM or VoIP/ NGN Switches
  • Pro-active testing and monitoring by our technical teams
  • Structured 24/7 Trouble Ticket resolution process

*Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Q3, FY2008-09 data.

Airtel Call Home

airtel call home is our calling card service which helps you connect to your friends outside your country and to your loved ones in India . Now you don't need to foot those hefty bills for international calls.

We offer you hassle free, cost effective and reliable service even if your phone doesn't have international calling facility. We are committed to transparency and quality as a result of which we offer you exceptional call clarity and hence a great way to connect to your friends and family.

We are the best in serving you because of:

Our Partnerships : We partner with some of the world's finest companies including Vodafone, Singtel, Ericsson, Nokia, IBM and many more. We provide global connectivity through our undersea international submarine cable network.

Our Innovations : We are changing the way the world communicates by offering innovations that not only add value to people's lives but also deliver an unmatched customer experience.

Our Seamless Global Network : We offer you an unmatched calling experience with our advanced Fiber Optic network SMW-4 and i2i around the entire globe with and one of the most reliable networks in India, covering more than 4000 towns . This seamless global network assures you instant connectivity to anywhere in India, anytime.

For more information visit www.airtelcallhome.com

Carrier Outsourcing Solutions

Our Carrier Outsourcing Solutions provide an end-to-end integrated platform for all your outsourcing needs. Our investments in global capacities, carrier relations, International presence, expertise & world-class systems put us in a bracket to offer you flexible solutions and all the time to focus on your core business.

With our experience in Carrier management, we can provide end-to-end outsourcing services to you at premium cost advantages derived through the economies of scale available to us.

We offer you:

  • Access to over and above 400 Carrier Partners throughout the world
  • Dedicated Relationship & Service Account Managers to manage operations for you
  • Advanced Billing, Exposure Management and Settlement Systems
  • Customer Care & Fault Management Team to support you and your customers
  • Robust 'Optimal Routing' System to ensure effective routing of voice traffic


TDM : bharti airtel has PoPs in Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York & London. Additional PoPs planned at key locations.

VoIP : On our NSN NGN platform, we have VoIP media gateways at key global locations.

VSAT :We are also one of the major VSAT providers with projects in many countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, South East Asia and Middle East. We can connect to our customers on VSAT for redundancy or for their primary requirements.

bharti airtel remains the ‘carrier of choice’ for South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan) & Middle East, given our large terrestrial and undersea capacities. You can look at disconnecting your expensive satellite and cable capacities in favor of routing traffic at high quality and competitive costs, resulting in substantial savings, both opex and capex.

It is this ability to offer collaborative services that enables us to work together with Carriers in emerging markets of South Asia and Africa, as their preferred Outsource Partner. We provide our partners with not only enhanced reach and access to global markets but also a unique collaborative model at competitive cost, which drives growth.

Enterprise Voice Solutions

Businesses need to invest in resources in a multimodal communication environment to offer seamless customer experience. Our voice solutions help you communicate and collaborate within and beyond your organization, helping you meet the demands of growth.

Home Country Direct

Home Country Direct service is very useful for overseas travelers visiting India, as the call is charged to home country number. This service works on bilateral relations and we have interconnected with incumbent and Tier 1 operators in all the major countries around the globe to support this service, making the world borderless, for our customers.

We look forward to partner you for Home Country Direct in case you do not have such an arrangement as on date.

India Voice Termination

We are the leaders in India Termination. Through our market dominance in the India Telecom landscape, we are able to offer our customers Pan India terminations at unparalleled quality and reliability. We are expanding at a scorching pace and have more than 115 Million customers to date. Through more than 1600 Points of Interconnects (POI) connected in India, we offer you unmatched quality of termination.

Airtel offers CLI guaranteed route for your voice traffic terminating in India. Backed by the largest state of the art optical fiber infrastructure, spanning across 110,000Kms, we provide our customers with best ASR’s & ALOC for India.

  • One of the largest domestic networks in India with connectivity right up to the last mile
  • Over 110,000Kms of, 50,000Kms of DWDM network.
  • Over 110,000Kms of, 50,000Kms of DWDM network.
  • Highly redundant and state of the art NOC with back up ring infrastructure around the country
  • 24/7 Customer Care & NOC to respond to any requirements of our partners on their quality concern

Premium Voice Termination

The service offers you access to our choicest routes and directs to over 80 destinations. Our goal is to offer the best quality call terminations to you. We support you with an easy-to-implement solution and proactive 24x7 customer care, so you can concentrate your efforts on delivering an exceptional experience for your customers.

With our large and demanding retail customer base of over 120 Million subscribers, only we understand what it takes to offer the best premium termination routes.

  • All destinations in Gold are CLI guaranteed
  • Competitive costs across the world, specializing in South Asia & Middle East.

Prepaid Roaming Gateway(PRG)

Operators today are restricted by technological constraints to offer international roaming facility to their large and growing subscriber base of pre-paid mobile users. A very potent business opportunity for incremental revenues is limited by the above constraint for the operator.

Bharti Airtel brings to you the Prepaid Roaming Gateway (PRG) to enhance the operators' revenue through collaboration. PRG is deployed in a central location (Delhi, India) and works as an ecosystem of member operators. By providing protocol conversion between ISUP versions, INAP and different CAMEL versions, across all equipments suppliers, it enables real-time decrementing in home network when a pre-paid international roamer makes a MO call. This permits the PRG member operators to open up international roaming to their pre-paid subscriber base in the networks of other PRG members. Our customers can enhance their revenues without any capex requirement in networks of PRG members.

Benefits of Prepaid Roaming Gateway

  • Enables real time call control
  • Reduced cost of implementation and deployment
  • Minimal resource and manpower usage
  • Tapping untapped potential prepaid roaming revenue
  • Increased revenue from inbound roamers from a CAMEL/Non CAMEL network
  • Enables fraud tracking capabilities

Features of the Prepaid Roaming Gateway

Allows you to offer your inbound roamers an ability to access their home CAMEL or non CAMEL STP without the home network having to do any investment in up-gradation of your network. Enables outbound roamers to other CAMEL-enabled networks to access CAMEL without upgrading your home HLR.

Control the behavior and usage of your subscriber roaming in a foreign land, decrement calls real time

The gateway gives you an opportunity to have an access at the usage thus preventing any fraud from happening by giving you real time decrementing. The gateway converts protocol from any version to any version, CAMEL 1, 2 or 3 from any vendor to any vendor. Also gives you the chance to have roaming from INAP/ISUP based operators.

Provides you the flexibility to selectively provide the service to specific customer segments. The gateway shall generate CDRs thereby helping in reconciliation purposes. Flexibility to provide a variety of alarms to proactively detect and rectify service errors and/or downtime.

Wholesale Voice Termination

For the good quality in voice termination at a competitive price, you can rely on our Silver Service, where as for your cost conscious subscriber you can choose our Standard Service. Based on our strong portfolio of over 400 interconnects, we offer carriers access to all the worldwide destinations.

Our state-of-the-art routing system negotiates and selects the optimal route through our reliable and expansive IP & TDM infrastructure across the globe, giving you the best in view of the cost as well as the quality.

Wholesale Voice Termination is a highly attractive service for cost-conscious regional and National operators, carriers, broadband operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

  • Optimal routing system to manage overall cost & quality parameters 24X7
  • Aggressive rates across the world, with focus on strong destinations such as South Asia, Middle East, Africa & Latin America