Satellite Services


Our Satellite services provide reliable network connectivity to run your mission critical applications. The solution supports voice, audio and video applications on-demand suiting your transmission requirements. This service is available both in India and abroad.

Domestic Satellite Service

Give your business extensive reach and access. Get high speed broadband connectivity provided by Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) via wireless through satellites positioned in geosynchronous orbit. VSAT technology offers connectivity without geographical or locational constraints.

What you get

Broadband accessibility : VSAT technology is capable of delivering up to 54 Mbps of Internet/ Intranet payload.

Business beyond boundaries : With a broad satellite footprint, VSAT technology offers connectivity to support your business expansion anytime, anywhere. Savings for business : Innovative and feasible ways to pool bandwidth help better utilisation of resources and hence lower the total cost of operations.

Savings for business : Innovative and feasible ways to pool bandwidth help better utilisation of resources and hence lower the total cost of operations.

Scalability : Critical for your business growth, VSAT services offer high scalability to serve requirements of new site additions and increased bandwidth.

Optimum use of bandwidth : VSAT technology allows optimum use of bandwidth. The bandwidth can be configured as per business requirements and the network bandwidth can be shared across various locations.

Reliability and Security : VSAT offers maximum security to transmitted data by proper coding and standard/ proprietary protocol applications.

Instant Deployment : The smaller dish size and ease of deployment brings your network live almost immediately thus enabling data transfers instantly.

How it benefits you

  • Maximum transponder space from multiple satellites
  • Multiple operational VSAT hubs in India on multiple technology platforms
  • Satellite IPLC services (over and above the shared hub infrastructure)
  • Disaster recovery services from geographically redundant locations
  • Expertise and experience of offering mission critical network services to other corporates in the country

Global Satellite Service

Global SATCOM Solutions

Airtel with state-of-the-art Global Satellite International Gateway Infrastructure coupled with National and International Terrestrial Network and latest technology, offers range of services and solutions to meet and exceed the demands of carriers and their customers

SATCOM Solutions

International Satellite Gateway Services : We provide complete Satellite Gateway Services for carriers; such as setting up gateways, Voice Termination, Internet Trunking, SMS Hubbing, Signaling and Roaming.

Network Services : Airtel is fully equipped to setup domestic satellite based network, to support carriers’ traffic or their customers' traffic. We provide turnkey GSM/CDMA Gateway and Backhauling Services, Bandwidth Optimisation Solutions, Enterprise Network Connectivity, etc. Airtel also has direct connectivity to more than 400 telecom operators and 5 Global PoPs to carry the traffic across the globe.

Satellite IPLC Services : With a very strong global infrastructure comprising of state-of-the-art teleports and capacity on various satellites covering Asia, Middle East & Africa and Europe, we extend connectivity from anywhere to anywhere to carriers or their customers.

Internet Delivery Services : Airtel is all sourced to provide Internet Delivery Services from its or its partners’ infrastructure through various platforms like iDirect, DVB-S2 and SCPC services and connect to Tier 1 internet cloud.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of Global SATCOM solutions are:

Comprehensive Portfolio : Customers now have Airtel as one stop solution provider for all their satellite infrastructure, solution and deployment needs.

International Quality of Service : Customers can enjoy the high quality service levels of Airtel and thus increase their customer satisfaction levels.

Speed of Deployment : We can deploy the network at a rapid pace, leveraging our relationship with the OEM and support partners worldwide, thus causing faster realization of revenues for carriers.

Global Support : With our unique ecosystem of partners, in house expertise and OEMS, we are uniquely placed to provide at par customer care services.