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Corporate Email Solutions
Features Description Basic Web Mail Pro Mail Business Mail
E-Mail Storage /
Quota support
Configurable global or per-user disk quotas. Customer has flexibility to assign mail space to individual email i.d. as per the requirements. The Email Quota storage is as per the package description on the home page. Yes Yes Yes
My Contacts /
Address Book
Personal Email Addresses with other contact details such as address, telephone numbers, etc. Yes Yes Yes
Tasks / To Do List Stores additional information such as % complete, status, total work, actual work, mileage, billing information and can define multiple priorities. Yes Yes Yes
Calendar, Address,
Contacts from the Global Address List (shared company directory) can be added to personal contacts. Contacts in Exchange Server can also be directly synchronized to Outlook Client, Outlook Mobile and Outlook Web Access. Yes No Yes
Scheduling meetings Exchange Server includes rich scheduling features, including personal, group, and resource scheduling, which integrate with e mail, contacts, and tasks. Sender can verify which recipients have accepted, partially accepted, or declined meeting requests. Automatic updation of responses / alerts. Yes No Yes
Offline Access The company directories are shared and centrally maintained in Active Directory services and can be downloaded to Outlook clients for offline access. Default POP3 and IMAP4 systems don't offer access to centralized contacts and address books. No No Yes
Attachment Size Can send and receive e-mails with specified attachment size 10 MB 10 MB 20 MB
Anti-Virus /
Mail setup is hosted in extremely secure environment with separate DMZ area and is monitored, managed by dedicated MSOC 24*7. Perimeter security includes Firewall, IDS, Anti-Virus, and Anti-Spam protection. Yes Yes Yes
Access through POP3 client E-mail accounts can be configured on a POP3 clients like Outlook express, MS Outlook etc. Yes Yes Yes
Search through mails, contacts & attachments. Enables way to search the entire outlook for mails, contacts and even attachments with a very minimal information for the system to search and fetch items. Yes No Yes
Web Access (OWA) When you have already configured your mail account on a MS outlook client, you can still access you e-mail from outside of the office through "Outlook Web Acces". You would be able to access the mails that are stored on the mail server. Yes Yes Yes
Set Filters & Preferences Advanced filters with multiple conditions and actions. Unlimited filters can be defined checking sender field, recipient fields, to field, cc field, subject field, if listed in junk senders, If one or more rules match, notify to an alert, forward the message. mails, contacts & attachments. No (Only on client) Yes
Admin Panel /
Control Panel
A very powerful method of managing the mail server and mail boxes through a dedicated and secure web portal. Web Access (OWA) Yes Yes
Collaboration Features
Sharing of documents,
folders & calendar
Sharing of specific folders (Mail) documents, and calendars among different users. Users can share their e-mails with other people by defining unlimited guest accounts with configurable read/write/delete permissions. Also there is a way of delegating users with various level of permissions. Yes No Yes
Secure Outlook
Outlook and Exchange Server support Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME), enabling users to digitally sign and encrypt e-mails and attachments. No No Yes
Multiple Aliases /
Multiple profiles
Creating Aliases for an email account such as - ,, etc. Users can define multiple profiles with different names and e-mail addresses. No Yes Yes
Automatic mail
User configurable message forwarding to external accounts. Yes Yes Yes
Autoresponse User configurable auto responders with dynamic tags. Yes No Yes
Categorized contacts One can categorize the contacts as separate list or group. This could classify a contact like official, personal, etc. Yes No Yes
Contact Exchange Supports sending contacts to other people and importing contacts attached to e-mail messages. Yes No Yes
Outlook Delegate access This feature enables other users to manage designated components of your mailbox on your behalf. For example, a manager can permit an administrator to manage his or her calendar. In POP3 and IMAP systems, you would have to enable complete mailbox access by sharing your logon information. In a POP3service, there are additional complications because mails are removed from the server after it get download to the client. No No Yes