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what is ipTV?

Change the way you watch TV with the latest broadcasting technology, ipTV from airtel. airtel ipTV keeps 7 days of TV programmes recorded for you, so you can enjoy your favourite shows when you want. And as you can even pause and rewind live programmes, it firmly puts the TV where it belongs: under your control.

airtel ipTV is less prone to rain or other atmospheric interferences and delivers a far superior TV viewing experience than your normal cable. With digital quality audio and video, a wide range of TV programming, video on demand services and a host of interactive features, airtel ipTV makes your TV viewing experience simply amazing. What’s more, it is a single telephone line that enables you to use the telephone, internet and airtel ipTV together.

ipTV: Entertainment under your control
  • time shift
    time shift

    With ipTV's revolutionary time shift feature you can watch last 7 days programmes, auto recorded for you.

  • live TV controller
    live TV controller

    Rewind, pause and play even while watching live tv broadcast.

  • real movie-on-demand
    real movie-on-demand

    Rewind, fast forward, pause and play the latest blockbusters at your convenience. no more waiting for movie start times. watch it like you would on your DVD player

  • interactivity

    Internet based technology ensures real-time interactivity which means you can now order movies and listen to radio whenever you want.

  • triple play
    triple play

    Get high quality TV broadcast, shockingly fast broadband and a phone connection with crystal clear voice clarity all through a single connection.

  • single bill
    single bill

    Pay for your TV, broadband and telephone with a single postpaid bill avoid the hassle of multiple payments.

  • no effect of power cuts
    no effect of power cuts

    Programmes are automatically recorded even during power cuts, so you can enjoy them later

  • all weather broadcasting
    all weather broadcasting

    Unlike other technologies, ipTV is a wired connection and provides an all weather, un-interrupted broadcasting experience.

*available on select time shift channels

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