1. How can I make changes to my myPlan?
You can make changes to your plan in the following ways:
  » Log on to www.airtel.in/myplan and Select the "I'm already on airtel postpaid" option. You will then see your current plan. Then click on "create myPlan" and make the required changes.
  » Call 121
  » Or visit an airtel relationship centre. For a detailed list of stores, see the store locator on www.airtel.in
  The changes will reflect the same day.
2. I am currently on a corporate plan. Can I opt for myPlan?
  myPlan is available for corporate customers as well. Please contact your relationship manager or dial 121
3. How often can I change my plan?
  You can make changes to your myPlan once a month.
4. I want to opt for a 2G and 3G myPack but am unable to do so
  On myPlan you can opt for either a 2G or a 3G myPack.
5. Will my existing VAS i.e .International Roaming, BlackBerry, SMS packs be carried forward after myPlan activation?
  Yes, all your existing VAS will be carried forward as it is, provided you don't change or choose a VAS pack while creating myPlan. For example, if you are using BlackBerry 499 and you choose BlackBerry 399 while creating myPlan, then BlackBerry499 will be deactivated and BlackBerry 399 will be activated.
6 What are myPacks?
  Your rental gives you free usage benefits. We call these free usage benefits myPacks. The higher your rental, the more your myPacks or free usage quota. You can use your free quota to opt for free talktime, SMS or internet.
7 Is it mandatory for to choose a myPack from all segments (Voice, Data & SMS)?
  No it is not mandatory to choose myPacks from all segments
8 If I choose less myPacks than the plan offering will I be able to activate the plan?
  No, you need to choose all the myPacks offered in the rental / price point for the plan to be activated.
9. I have a 2G myPack but now I want a 3G myPack. What do I do?
  You will need to remove the 2G myPack first and then add the 3G power pack.
10. If I change my myPacks in between the bill cycle, how will I be charged?
  If you change myPlan within a month/bill cycle, you will be charged on pro-rata basis for Voice and SMS. For 2G or 3G internet, there will be no pro-rata charge. A customer will be offered the full benefit of a 2G/3G power pack, even if he changes the pack within a bill cycle.
11. Which operators are covered under the ISD myPack?
  ISD myPack is applicable to selected operators of USA, Canada & UK. Click here to view the list.