What is an airtel Prepaid card?
airtel Prepaid card is a Prepaid connection, which can be purchased over the counter. With an airtel Prepaid card you enjoy the convenience and ease of paying in advance for using the mobile services. The calling value on your card keeps reducing as you make calls, as per the applicable tariff. Not only this, with airtel Prepaid you enjoy pre-activated STD & ISD facility.
How does an airtel Prepaid card work?
All you need to do is buy an airtel Prepaid pack available at your nearest airtel outlet. The card may or may not have a preloaded calling value. If there is no default preloaded calling value, you need to buy a recharge coupon to add calling value to your account. These recharge coupons are available in different denominations.
What is a Recharge coupon?
A recharge coupon is a card by which you can add calling value to your Prepaid account. A recharge coupon is divided into 3 parts: Talktime Processing fee Service tax. You can recharge your airtel Prepaid connection with recharge coupons available in different denominations. The validity & talktime of a coupon depends upon the denomination of the recharge coupon. All recharge coupons have a silver scratch space withholding a 16-digit serial number. To recharge your airtel Prepaid card just dial 123 & enter this 16-digit serial number. Once done you will be able to make & receive calls.
What are the different denominations in which the airtel Recharge coupons are available?
airtel Recharge Coupons are available in all denominations starting from as low as Rs10.You can recharge your airtel Prepaid card with the recharge coupon that suits your calling patterns. Each option has its specific calling value, which you need to load on to your airtel account
How do I recharge my Prepaid card?
To recharge your airtel Prepaid card simply dial 123 & enter the 16-digit recharge PIN number. Once done the calling value & the validity of the recharge coupon gets added to your account immediately and is ready for use.
What is a validity period?
Every recharge coupon has a specified calling value & validity. This calling value is valid for a pre-defined period called the, Validity Period. Validity period means that the recharge coupon can be used for a specified number of days, depending upon the denomination of the recharge coupon. Every time you recharge your airtel Prepaid you get fresh validity starting from the day you have recharged. You can make and receive calls only during this validity
What is the grace period?
If the airtel Prepaid card is not recharged once the validity expires it enters into a grace period, which is of 90 days, during which no calls can be made or received. If the card is not recharged within the Grace period, the card expires and becomes permanently unusable and any credit balance remaining in the card cannot be used. How do I check my balance on the Prepaid account? To check your balance amount dial 123 and listen to the voice announcement. Or simply dial *123# and then the calling button, you will get the balance amount on your handset screen.

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