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Enjoy all channels on airtel digital TV with Magnum* pack @ Rs. 565/month &
South Magnum** pack @ Rs. 580/month.
*Magnum pack does not include Non channels, Special channels and 26 south channels.
** South Magnum pack does not include Non channels and Special channels.
Non channels includes interactives and PPV's.
Special channels includes HBO Hits, HBO Defined, Star World Premiere HD, Sun TV HD and Gemini TV HD.
26 South channels include Adithya TV, Chutti TV, Gemini Comedy, Gemini Movies, Gemini Music, Gemini TV, Kiran TV, KTV, Maa Movies, Maa Music, Maa TV, Raj TV, Sun Music, Sun News, Sun TV, Surya TV, Udaya Music, Udaya News, Udaya Movies, Udaya TV, Kochu TV, Udaya Comedy, Kushi TV, Gemini Life, Chintu TV and Surya Music.
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