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Welcome you bharti airtel's Partner world. This site explains how to become a partner of the bharti airtel. If you are already a partner, the site provides a range of useful applications for you to use.

The partner policy that bharti airtel has adopted is intended to identify and manage a select group of world-class partners who will effectively contribute to improvement in bharti airtel's technology,competitiveness and customer delight. bharti airtel intends to attain its purchasing objectives through long-term partnerships forged with partners, which are underpinned by a rigorous organization and procedures that would help us meet our Vision (by 2015, airtel will be the most loved brand, enriching the lives of millions) and Code of Conduct guidelines.

This Partner world will allow bharti airtel's Supply Chain professionals to share information, interact/collaborate, and ultimately form closer relationships with bharti airtel's external supply base. The Supplier Portal is a password protected website that provides "Instant access to information by anyone from anywhere in the world". The key characteristics of the iSupplier Portal are that it provides:

"One airtel Image to our Partners"
A single point of entry into bharti airtel
Simplified access to complex information
Links to news and events pertaining to Partner activities across bharti airtel

Access to the iSupplier Portal is achieved through invitation only. Interested partners should contact the designated supply chain executive for more information on how to get setup and participate.