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  • steps to log a grievance
    • Go to Grievances tab and from there Create New Grievance.
    • Fill in the supplier site name (this information is important), nature of grievance, title and details with expected resolution details.
    • Now select the bharti SCM employee to whom you would like to address the grievance. This would typically be the buyer with whom business is conducted.
    • If the type of the grievance is 'Business Code of Conduct', then the grievance will be assigned by default to the bharti Ombudsman Team contact, who will act on the grievance.
    • After filling in the details click submit. System will now generate the grievance number for your reference.
    • After submitting no changes can be done in the original definition of the issue. However you may post online messages to the buyer contact. These messages will be maintained in the history of the grievance request.

  • steps to review a grievance
    • Go to Grievances tab
    • From there you can review your grievance
    • You can not make any changes to the grievance once it is submitted

  • steps to close a grievance:
    • Go to Grievances tab
    • Go to Grievance status and you can close it from there
    • You will be asked for your feedback and satisfaction rating. Grievance once closed cannot be reopened or updated further


  • searching for submitted grievance
    • Go to Grievances tab
    • Enter the search criteria for your grievance and click submit.

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