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invoices and payments

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  to submit an invoice:  
  Click the Account tab, and then click Create Invoices in the task bar directly below the tabs.  
  On the Create Invoice: page, click Create Standard Invoice/ Create Credit Memo Invoice.  

On the Create Invoice: Select Purchase Order page, enter search criteria and click Go.
.4 Select items to be invoiced and click Add Items to Invoice List. Add as many items as you need (items on your invoice display at the bottom of the page).

  When finished adding items, click Next.  
  On the Create Invoice: Include Lines on Invoice page, enter a quantity to invoice. If you would like the invoice to be taxable, select Taxable. Enter and any additional charges, and then click Next.

On the Create Invoice: General Invoice Information page, enter an invoice number, invoice date, and a description.

    Click Next  

On the Create Invoice: Review the Invoice page, review your invoice and click Submit. You also have the option to return to this invoice later by clicking Save for Later.

    On the Warning page, click Yes to confirm your invoice. After you confirm your invoice, a notification is sent to the Accounts Payable department.

Tax line is not application for India Local Taxes. There is no facility for editing IL taxes. Taxes on the PO lines will be defaulted on the Invoice when created in the buying organization.


searching for submitted invoices


Click the Account tab


Go to View Invoices and then enter your search criteria


viewing the payment status


Click the Account tab


Go to View Payments and enter your search criteria

    Click here to View the Demo tour.  
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