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partner approval process

  • supplier registration

    An online supplier registration form has been made available for prospective suppliers to submit their registration requests to bharti airtel This section outlines bharti airtel's requirement with respect to registration of suppliers as potential suppliers of products and/or services. Registration process is the first step of becoming a supplier at bharti airtel. After registration, a supplier is added to the potential supplier list.

  • supplier identification process 

    The Supplier identification process comprises of two broad areas

    • Triggers for new suppliers
    • Sources for new suppliers

  • triggers for new supplier
  • Triggers for new suppliers could be external or internal.

    External triggers are driven from the needs of any new supplier or new technology bringing innovation in the solution to end customers.

    internal triggers arise from the Vision, strategy and targets.

    • Range of product(s)/ service(s)
    • Supply chain capacity
    • Cutting-edge technology
    • World class Supplier performance
    • Alternate sourcing strategy

  • sources for new suppliers
  • Direct Contact (Supply Chain Website / Email / introduction Letters), Referrals, Directories, Journals and Catalogues.

    exclusion: bharti airtel does not recognize any liasoning agent as supplier. Distributors or agents of the manufacturers are recognized only if the manufacturers recommend them  

  • supplier registration process
  • registration mechanism

    To register as a supplier, a Supplier Registration Form (SRF) is to be filled and submitted to any designated supply chain personnel across India . Potential suppliers should provide supporting documents wherever required. Preference would be given to suppliers who have submitted SRF's with all the requisite details. SRF would request for the following information

    • Supplier Code of Conduct
    • Organization Profiles, locations, plants, scales of operations, various registered names present or past etc.
    • Single point of contact with bharti airtel
    • Organization information on legal entities
    • Organization structure with contact details of key stakeholders and the escalation matrix
    • Financial details -- Annual reports for the previous three years, profitability, inventory and financial ratios etc.
    • Current customers and their share of business
    • Customer testimonials
    • Product or service catalogue covering item / service specifications, models, variants, and performance parameters
    • Current capacity-utilization levels
    • Quality systems and certifications, systems and processes
    • Statutory certificates for product/ service quality, technology, and environment
    • Data Security - Information Security, Non disclosure etc.
    • Litigations and complaints
    • Electronic payments

  • registration approval mechanism
  • Information provided in the SRF would be evaluated on pre-set parameters by the Supplier Approval team and Costing & Pricing team. The evaluation result would be communicated to the supplier in the form of approval / rejection of the registration request. If approved, a registration code is provided to the supplier and should be used in all further communications. Registered suppliers would be referred as Potential Suppliers and would

    • Be Added to the bharti airtel Potential Supplier Base
    • Be Considered for new business opportunities
    • Be able to maintain and update their profile
    • Have Access to bharti airtel Supplier Porta

  • registration life
  • A Potential Supplier Registration has a validity period depending on compliance with mandatory requirements of updating the profile at least once a year. If the profile is not updated as per the requirement, the registration will be rendered inactive.  

    In cases where the registration is inactive, the potential supplier needs to undergo the complete registration and evaluation process again to be considered for business opportunities with bharti airtel.