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partner communication


    This section outlines bharti airtel requirements with respect to Partner Communication. bharti airtel believes that Communiaction is the nerve line for any partnership and focuses on establishing a transparent, two-way and trusting relationship with all partners.

    Communication with partners is done at different levels

    • Functional Directors - Conceptualization of requirement, delivery timing and KPI's
    • User Owner - Delivery as per specification, timeline and usage requirement
    • Supply Chain Team - Commercial and Contractual Agreements
    • Governance Team - Code of Conduct, Contractal Obligations and Ethical Issues

    Three types of communications are considered

    • Strategic
    • Operational
    • Need Based

  • strategic communication
  • Communication of Vision, Missions and business plans. Channels of communications are

    • Partnership Meets
    • Engagement Meetings

  • partnership meets
  • Annual event which provides an opportunity to Partners to interact with the Top Management of bharti airtel.

  • engagement meetings
  • Engagement meetings provide periodic interaction forums with Partner. These meetings emphasize on business priorities and relationship aspects. Meeting cover

    • Business Segments Trends and analysis
    • Product innovation / technology Roadmap
    • Readiness as per bharti airtel needs
    • Score Card based improvement plan and status
    • Action points on previous meetings
    • Any other issues/ grievances etc.

  • operational
  • Communication of business transactions at various stages. Partner portal shall be the preferred mode of communication between Partner and bharti airtel.

  • need Based
  • While strategic and operational communications are more structured, need based communications is on as and when required basis. Communication medium used will depend on the type and nature of the communication.

  • partner disengagement
  • bharti airtel's requirement with respect Partner Disengegement. In cases where seperation becomes inevitable a structured approach is followed to ensure the smooth transitioning.

  • types of disengagement
  • Disengagements are classified based on the nature of separation

    • Permanent or Temporary
    • Phased or Immediate

  • permanent disengagement
  • The business relationships is terminated permanently for reasons such as code of conduct violations, Partner bankruptcy and Partner discontinuing their bussiness.